Message #224:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: AAC's Archaeology for Educators (AEC) Committee
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 96 16:30:00 MST
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July 11, 1996

I am the SHPO representative on the Arizona Archaeological Council's (AAC), 
Archaeology for Educators (AEC) committee.  I am also on the Publicity 
subcommittee of the AEC and would like to see some information on the AEC 
published in an issue of GLYPHS.  The AEC is a very important subcommittee 
that has been actively involved for the past ten years in trying to get 
archaeology curricula into Arizona schools, trying to improve what curricula 
is currently in use, trying to train educators to teach children 
archaeology, trying to develop new curricula and materials for educators to 
use when they teach archaeology, and trying to provide a networking 
mechanism for educators and archaeologists.  We would greatly appreciate it 
if you could inform your membership about this important committee by 
printing the following information:

ARIZONA ARCHAEOLOGICAL COUNCIL's Archaeology for Educators Committee

     The Arizona Archaeological Council (AAC) is non-profit voluntary 
organization that promotes communication and cooperation within Arizona s 
historic preservation community.  The membership of the AAC is diverse 
including professional and avocational archaeologists, educators, federal 
and state agencies, businesses, and students.

     The Archaeology for Educators Committee (AEC) is a component of the AAC 
that is dedicated to enhance the appreciation of Arizona s archaeological 
resources through public  awareness, participation, and education.  The 
Archaeology for Educators Committee is composed of professional and 
avocational archaeologists and educators who volunteer their time and talent 
to promote greater respect and protection for Arizona s cultural resources 
through integration of archaeological concepts and methods into educational 
programs.  The AEC provides several services:

     Curricular Materials Outreach - We review archaeological curricula, 
kits, and projects that are in existence, being developed, or are being used 
by teachers, avocationals, or professional archaeologists; and develop new 
materials for the AEC s teacher packet and resource materials.

     Educator Workshops - We prepare and host educator workshops on 
archaeological concepts, methods, ethics, and
legislation.  We train facilitators on the use of specially prepared 
curricular materials such as Intrigue of the Past and Discovering 
Archaeology in Arizona.

     Archaeology Month / Fair Participation - We maintain active 
participation at the Arizona Archaeology Awareness Month Fairs by sponsoring 
a booth, workshop, and/or presentation at the annual Archaeology Month Fair 
and involving local educators in the fair area.

     Publicity - We participate in archaeology  and education conferences on 
state and national levels.  We provide information about the AEC to 
interested individuals and organizations.

     Network - We serve as a clearinghouse for materials, information, 
activities, and programs for educators and archaeologists; get archaeology 
information to educators; and involve Arizona tribes in the AEC s 

     For more information about the Archaeology for Educators Committee 
contact:  Joelle Clark, Chair; c/o The Science and Mathematics Learning 
Center; Northern Arizona University Box 5697; Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5697; 
520-523-8797 (Voice); 520-523-7953 (FAX); or, (E-mail).