Message #100:
From: Brian Kenny
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 96 08:19:00 MST

FYI --
we are working out accounting mgt details related to the temp employee 
positions.  BTW, for any resume purposes, your titles are: Supervisory 
Programmer Analyst; paygrade GG ($19/hr); Maricopa County DOT;  1 yr 
position beginning July 22, 1996.
From: Patt Calderon - MCDOT To: Jiri Hajek - MCDOT Cc: Brian Kenny - MCDOT; 
Rachael Koehler - MCDOT Subject: ON-CALL CONSULTANTS Date: Tuesday, July 16, 
1996 5:07PM; We have just had two requisitions for temporary Supervisory 
Programmer Analysts approved.  These two individuals will be "on-call". 
   We originally budgeted $40,000 for this under Environmental Planning 
(6462) under 810.10 (Consulting & Management Administration).  Can Brian, 
Rachael and I meet with you to discuss the best way to account for their