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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:  "'z Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Update on CIA Hosted Society for Military History Conference
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 96 15:55:00 MST
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I just finished speaking with Kevin Ruffner at the CIA's Center for the 
Study of Intelligence.  I previously posted a conference announcement on the 
SWA site. 

Dr. Ruffner informed me of an additional announcement is running on the CIA 
web server; it is reproduced below.  I now have a hard copy of conference program and 
will post the program to the web as soon as the electronic version arrives 
in a day or so.
One session is titled "Intelligence in the Ancient World" and contains the 
following papers: Clandestine Operations and Covert Action: The Roman 
Imperative ; Intelligence Gathering in Late Antiquity: Examples from the 

Byzantine-Sasanian Frontier ; and, Intelligence Activities in Early China. 
Other interesting sessions Include: Late Medieval and Early Modern Siege 
Warfare,  Intelligence during the American Civil War, Intelligence in 18th 
Century American Warfare, and many sessions focused on more recent history. 

A session titled "A New Look at Old Data" also covers some American Civil 
War data.  For all of you "buffs" with minaturized cameras, there will be a 
tour of CIA Headquarters during the conference.  (What would Bill Donovan 
think ?)

Brian Kenny
Conference on Intelligence and National Security in Peace, Crisis, and War

The Central Intelligence Agency will sponsor the 63rd annual meeting of the 
Society for Military History from 18 to 21 April at the Key Bridge Marriott 
Hotel in Rosslyn, Virginia. As the host institution, the Center for the 
Study of Intelligence has chosen Intelligence and National Security in 
Peace, Crisis,and War as the meeting's theme.

In addition to numerous panels, the meeting will include book displays, an 
awards luncheon on Friday, and a banquet on Saturday. The Center for the 
Study of Intelligence is arranging a tour and reception at CIA Headquarters 
on Friday evening. Another tour, perhaps of NSA's National Cryptological 
Museum, is being planned.

Professional and amateur historians are invited to submit proposals. Papers 
may treat the meeting's theme in any historical period or era. Topics may 
include-but should not be limited to-strategic and tactical uses of 
intelligence, the role of intelligence in national security policy and 
military affairs, comparative studies of national intelligence services, 
counterintelligence cases, cooperation and conflict between civilian and 
military intelligence services, civilian and military covert action and 
psychological warfare operations, and denial-and-deception operations. 
Papers on technical intelligence, including signals and communications 
intelligence, are also welcome.

Researchers interested in US intelligence during World War II and the 
postwar war period should note that CIA has declassified many relevant 
records. Since the late 1980s CIA has released virtually all OSS records and 
deposited them at the National Archives. Many records from the Central 
Intelligence Group and the early years of the CIA.

Central Intelligence Agency - Society for Military History Call for Papers
Conference on Intelligence and National Security in Peace, Crisis, and War
18-21 April 1996 Key Bridge Marriott Hotel, Rosslyn, Virginia

Papers and panels on other military history subjects in any period or place 
are also welcome. To propose either a complete panel or individual paper 
prospective contributors should submit:

   A one-page abstract for each paper.

   A one-page statement of purpose for a panel.

   A brief vita for each presenter to:

Dr. Kevin C. Ruffner, Coordinator
SMH 1996 Program
History Staff, Center for the Study of Intelligence
Central Intelligence Agency

Telephone: 703-351-2621
Telefax:   703-522-9280

Proposals should be postmarked no later than 1 November 1995. Information 
about registration, accommodations, and program will follow in early 1996.