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Subject: A Ceramic Analysis Most Foul
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 96 13:57:00 MST
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This next message makes me wonder about use wear marks on sherds (LOL)......
First, the chickens er....   walk on the potsherds as they scratch about; 
then,  they ingest pot sherds into their crops and gizzards.  If I were 
doing sherd analyses, I'd hate to collect and wash any of the geophageously 
deposited artifacts from this locus....

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Subject: Re: Fowl Ingesting Ceramic Shards

One of my first face to face (or face to sherd) encounters with potsherds 
was as a child in a neighbor's chicken coop. My family had travelled over 
the southwest, and I was familiar with the appearance of southwest 
potsherds. I was even then surprised to find them in a chicken coop in 
southeast Colorado. They were too varied to be from one pot, so it wasn't a 
broken souvenir. Besides, knowing the family, I doubt that they were the 
type to collect ancient artifacts anyway. How these sherds got into this 
chicken coop, and likely into their crops, will probably remain an enigma.
Chris Berry