Message #25:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:  "'z Matthias Giessler'" 
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 22:07:32 -0700 (MST)

Western Archaeological Services, Inc. (WAS), an equal opportunity CRM
company based in Roswell, New Mexico, is seeking to fill an estimated
ten (10) field positions.  We invite all interested, qualified 
applicants to forward your vitas for consideration. 
WAS is a CRM consulting company established in 1992, and serving New
Mexico clients that develop properties requiring cultural resource 
inventories.  WAS is certified to conduct CRM surveys on New Mexico 
lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management, the State of 
New Mexico, and the United States Forest Service.  Company activities 
include large block land exchanges, oil/gas, and linear surveys; 
environmental impact statements; assessments of site eligibility 
recommendations; analysis of historic and prehistoric artifacts; and
analysis of faunal and human skeletal material.
General job descriptions for open positions follow.  Starting salary 
ranges are listed after each job description.  Positions will be 
awarded based on the applicant's level of education and/or experience, 
and salary determinations will be made accordingly.  Salary is paid 
biweekly.  Field sessions average eight days, with four days off.

Position:          Field Technician (6 positions open)
Job Description:   Participation in pedestrian surveys, mapping and 
                   recording of cultural manifestations, and artifact 
                   and site interpretation. 
Salary Range:      $8-9/hour
Position:          Assistant Crew Chief (1 position open)
Job Description:   Participation in pedestrian surveys, mapping and 
                   recording of cultural manifestations, artifact and 
                   site interpretation, assisting in the writing/
                   editing of site and artifact forms, preparation of 
                   project area maps, and in-field analysis of cultural 
                   manifestations; assisting crew chief with crew and
                   equipment management.
Salary Range:      $9-10/hour
Position:          Crew Chief (3 positions open)
Job Description:   The crew chief directs field operations and is 
                   responsible for leading a four-five member crew.  
                   Crew chiefs will participate in all the 
                   aforementioned activities, as well as activities 
                   related to efficient crew management.  Requirements 
                   include a minimum BA with emphasis in Anthropology/
                   Archaeology and a minimum of one year experience in 
                   regional archaeology. In addition to leadership, a 
                   crew chief must exhibit the ability to assign/
                   delegate technician duties according to the 
                   specific strengths and weaknesses of crew members; 
                   be able to make quick decisions based on field 
                   intuition and archaeological experience; and be 
                   efficient at problem-solving.    
Salary Range:      $22,000/year

Persons desiring more information may e-mail me directly at:, or telephone the number below during regular work 
hours. Interested persons please forward a copy of your vita, 
including a minimum of three references, to:
Ms. Heidi F. Browne, Director
Western Archaeological Services, Inc.
500 North Main, Suite 400-E
Roswell, New Mexico 88201
Phone: (505) 624-1863
Fax: (505) 622-0661