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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Call for Conference Papers - SW Archaeology on the Internet
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 96 10:45:00 MST
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Toward more efficient dissemination of the 'Big Picture' ideas from 
Southwestern Anthropology and Archaeology


Ancient hunters, uncertain of the future and hopeful for success in hunting, 
practiced totemic increase rites to assure confidence and success, and to 
collectivelly determine a future course of action.  After Dia de Los Muertos 
and just prior to American Presidential, Congressional, and State Elections, 
it is appropriate that we modern Hunters and Gatherers (and Complex Elites) 
convene to model a future and demonstrate how to use the Internet's 
World-Wide Web to more efficiently establish and disseminate the 'Big 
Picture' ideas of Southwestern Anthropology and Archaeology.  The conference 
also will promote cyberspace virtual research, electronic database and 
information development, efficient communications exchange, and 
cost-effective Cultural Resources Management business practices as they 
relate to better serving government, industry, and the public.

  • 'Big-Picture' Research Themes in Southwestern Archaeology - In the future, how will we know what we know ?
  • Current State of Knowledge - Where are there gaps in Internet coverage of SW Archaeology today ?
  • SW Archaeological Peripheries - How will the Internet change our conceptualizations of 'hinterlands' in the Southwest ?
  • Government Approaches to Funding CRM - The use of the Internet to improve efficiency
  • Promoting Development of, Access to, and Dissemination of
  • Preservation-Related Computerized Data
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Archaeological Databases
  • Consultation and Cooperation Among Archaeologists and Southwestern Native American Communities vis a vis the Internet
  • Private Industry/NGO Approaches to Internet Anthropology Research and Development
  • Technology and the Future of Southwestern Archaeology from a CRM perspective
  • Disseminating Information as the Critical Path to Advances in Preservation / Advances in Anthropological Theory
  • Taking Advantage of Technolgies Developed in Other Disciplines
  • Intellectual and Technological Mastery over the Existing Knowledge Base - How do we achieve mastery in Anthropology ?
  • How to Avoid Reinventing the Atalatl - Taking advantage of the benefits of technology transfer to fling your data around the Internet
  • Information Management and Grants Programs
  • Distributing Preservation Skills & Technologies - The identification, evaluation, conservation and interpretation of cultural resources
CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION The conference is not a forum for techno-junkies. Rather, presented papers will focus upon the future themes of 'big picture' Southwestern anthropological research and Southwestern archaeological methodology. Technological expertise and methodological virtuosity in the wider and more efficient development and dissemination of electronic information will form the subtext of each presentation. Presentations will be peer reviewed. Presenters will prepare and submit formal papers and graphics both in electronic and hard copy versions. Hard copies of presentations will be presented to conference attendees at the door. Speakers will bring Internet bookmarks on diskette and will demonstrate key points of their written presentation on-line, using the computerized wide-screen technology available at the conference site. Papers will not be read to the audience. Prior to the conference, presenters will provide to the conference chair, electronic texts, graphics, and Internet presentation bookmarks. Simultaneous and subsequent to conference presentations, these electronic texts will be posted to the SWA Internet site. The physical conference site has limited seating and will be limited to 75 participants. If you are at the top of your Discipline, and, have theory, methodology and electronic communications skills to advance Southwestern Anthropology and Archaeology in the next decade, you should plan to attend. The virtual conference on the Internet will be available to everyone. WORKSHOPS AND POSTER SESSION Sidebar workshops on 'Advanced web pages', and 'Internet applications to Advance Southwestern Archaeology' will be held at the conference site. The main lobby of the conference site will be available for anthropological and archaeological poster session presentations related to the conference themes. Corporate technological product demonstrations are welcomed. CONFERENCE DISCUSSANT A special conference discussant will be invited to comment on the conference papers and presentations DEADLINE: Proposals for presented papers, conference presentations and hosted workshops should be submitted NO LATER THAN Friday May 3, 1996 FURTHER CONFERENCE INFORMATION Further information will be posted on the World-Wide Web at an Internet URL to be announced. To become a conference peer reviewer, for more information on making your presentation at the conference, or, to volunteer a poster session or teach a workshop, contact: Brian Kenny, Conference Chair - Matthias Giessler, Conference Co-Chair - via SWA Internet Site - Snail Mail: Brian Kenny Environmental Program Manager/Anthropologist Maricopa County [ MCDOT/TPD ] 2901 West Durango, Phoenix AZ 85009 W (602) 506-8082 / F (602) 506-4882 / (602) 227-3154 voice mail