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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Archaeology Vandals Busted
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 12:40:00 MST
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FYI : The following articles appeared of FPF forum.

From: Anne Vawser
Subject: NPS Morning Report - 2/27/96
95-13 - Joshua Tree (California) - 
Follow-up on ARPA/Wildlife Violations

In January, 1995, park investigators, with the assistance of local deputies, 
state highway patrol officers, and BLM rangers, served three search warrants 
for archeological thefts and wildlife violations and seized two carloads of 
artifacts.  Included in the collection  were two large, intact ollas; three 
baskets containing an estimated 2,000 pottery sherds; over 60 prehistoric 
knife blades and scrapers; two dozen manos and metates; and boxes of other 
artifacts. Investigation revealed that Elda Plumb and Rocky Arnold, both of 
Yucca Valley, California, had collected the artifacts from a variety of 
locations, including national parks and forests and BLM lands.  A total of 
eight misdemeanor charges were filed against the pair in state court late 
last year.  Arnold and Plumb agreed to a plea bargain agreement shortly 
thereafter, then failed to show up for sentencing.  Warrants were issued and 
served last month.  The two were  found guilty of two misdemeanors each, 
placed on probation for three years, ordered to pay restitution, and jailed 
for a day.  Many of the recovered artifacts will be placed on display at a 
new BLM visitor center in the Santa Rosa Mountains near Palm Springs.  [Todd 
Swain, CI, JOTR]

To: Anne Vawser
re--Joshua Tree ARPA (more)  

one more note--minimum commercial value of 
collection is $2450.oo--as I understand it most of the collection will be 
curated at Joshua Tree by BLM (majority of collection from several 
habitation sites in a Proposed Willow Canyon ACEC (Barstow Resource 
Area)--Landers, California vicinity.  Cheers all--too bad they didn't get 
more time, but at least it's a conviction--hurrah for the good guys.