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Subject: 9th Mogollon Archaeology Conference
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 13:17:37 -0700 (MST)
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Subject: 9th Mogollon Archaeology Conference

                        9th Mogollon Archaeology Conference
                                October 3-5, 1996


Western New Mexico University Museum will host the 9th Mogollon Archaeology
Conference on October 3-5, 1996 in Silver City, New Mexico.  Those individuals
interested in presenting papers are requested to submit a title and abstract by
August 1, 1996.

Papers or presentations may be made on any aspect of archaeology within the
Mogollon region.  An attempt will be made to group individual paper submisions 
according to topical, methodological, or theoretical content, rather than
geographical area, to enhance interaction and discussion among researchers
working in different portions of the Mogollon region.  Mini-symposia (no more
than 5 to 6 papers) can be submitted, however due to time constraints only two
to four mini-symposia will be selected.

Events tentatively planned include a reception at the university museum on
Thursday, a banquet and guest speaker on Friday evening, and a field trip to
selected Mimbres sites on Sunday, October 6.  The field trip to selected Mimbres
sites will occur if there is sufficient interest.  If you would be interested in
such a trip or have suggestions about which sites you would like to visit,
please contact the program chair.  Information regarding registration fees, cost
of conference publication, lodging, the banquet, and the field trip will be
provided in a subsequent mailing.

Please notify the program chair of individuals who have not received this
announcement and who should be added to the mailing list.  Abstracts, questions,
or suggestions should be addressed to the program chair, Cynthia Ann Bettison,
Director, Western New Mexico University Museum, P.O. Box 680, Silver City, New
Mexico, 88061.  Phone: (505)538-6386, FAX: (505)538-6178, Email: