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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Opportunities for Fieldwork - Clovis Sites - 1996
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 21:04:19 -0700 (MST)
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Students are invited to apply for the Loyola-Nevada joint archaeological
field school offered for summer session 1996. We will spend five weeks
working in a remote portion of the sagebrush desert of Oregon where our
project focuses on the study of Clovis and other early period sites. In
addition to field projects, Dr. Dan Amick offers lab training in stone tool

Dr. Amick plans to spend the next several years conducting archaeological
research at late ice-age sites in the western deserts of the U.S. including
continued work with the Folsom assemblage from Shifting Sands in west Texas
(see 1990 Plains Anthropologist), lab analysis of early stone tools from
Nevada and Oregon, and field investigation of several sites with extinct
ice-age animals and/or early stone tools.

Dan Amick (PhD, New Mexico 1994) is an archaeologist with research interests
in stone technology, site formation processes, peopling of the Americas, and
hunter-gatherer life ways. Also he is an adjunct assistant professor of
anthropology at the University of Nevada where he is active in the study of
the earliest human inhabitants of the Great Basin.

If you have any questions for Dr. Amick or want more information regarding
the summer session field school please e-mail him: