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Subject: Upcoming Archaeological Events
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 96 13:33:00 MST
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Upcoming Archaeological Events
Special Notes From Various Information Sources

1. AAC Newsletter

a.     Virgin Anasazi Ceramic Workshop, March 1-2, 1996.  
       Southern Utah University, Cedar City Utah.  
       Info Contact:  Diana Christensen (801) 628-4491 ext 266

b.     Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) 
       Lecture Program Series -
       Third Thursday of ea month 7:30 pm in DuVal Auditorium, 
       University Medical Center, Tucson.
       2/19   Randall McGuire (SUNY Binghamton) Sierra de Trincheras
       3/18   Carolyn Davis  "Treasured Earth" / Hattie Cosgrove and 
              Mimbres Archaeology
       4/15   Rich Lang (ASM) Cliff Dwelling Excavations in the 
              Sierra Anchas of Central Arizona
       5/20   Jim Officer "Hispanic Arizona" / Mining in Hispanic 
       6/xx   To be announced
       7/15   Trinkle Jones (NPS) Archaeology of Petrified Forest 
              National Park for more info:  
              Jan Bell (520) 326-6709 / Laurel Cooper (520) 327-7235

c.     American Rock Art Research Association (ARARA) is seeking 
       brief papers on the conservation, protection and stewardship 
       of rock art sites for students and the general public.  Papers 
       to be presented at the 1996 ARARA conference in El Paso TX.  
       Contact:  Barbara Gronemann (602)
       991-0341 / Ellen Martin (602) 820-1474.

2.     Society for American Archaeology

a.     (SAA) 61st Annual Meeting April 10-14, 1996

b.     Preliminary Program (Excerpts) - Programs of Interest to 
       Southwestern Archaeologists:
       Tuesday, April 9     Workshop - Rock Art Site Management and 
       Wednesday, April 10  Workshop - Archaeological Safety (and diseases)
       Thursday, April 11   Sponsored Forum - Public Benefts of Archaeology
       Thursday April 11    Digging the World-Wide Web
       Friday, April 12     Sponsored Forum - Protecting Archaeological Sites 
                            on Private Lands
       Friday, April 12     Archaeologists and the Media: Avoiding the Temple 
                            of Doom
       Saturday, April 13   Sponsored Forum - Native Americans, Archaeologists, 
                            and Consultation

Selected Southwestern Sessions (Papers Presented):
Pueblo Bonito's Archaeological Centennial
The Frontier Concept in the Prehistory of the Northern Southwest
New Perspectives on Early Southwestern Settlements
Great Basin Archaeology
Archaeology of the Great Basin (Poster Session)
Culture and Environment in the Ancient Southwest
Recent Advances in Regional Physical Sciences and Management Studies of Rock 
salt of the Earth
Shaft Tombs from West Mexico and Their Context
Ancestral Pueblo Landscapes: Land and Society in the Northern Rio Grande
Archaeological Geology of the PaleoIndian Period
Regional Perspectives on Native/Spanish Contact in the US Southwest, AD 
The Myth of the Chichimec Sea: Recent Advances in the Archaeology of 
Northwest Mexico
Archaeology of the American Southwest and Northwest Mexico
Western United States Method and Theory
Archaic Cultures of the Southern Deserts of the American West
Mexico Archaeology
Central and Southern Southwest
Southwest Subsistence
Chacoan Archaeology
Southwest Production and Consumption
Archaeology of the Northern Southwest
Below the Dam: Cultural Resources and the Colorado River Below Glen Canyon 
Archaeology of Western North America


For more information, E-mail:, or call the SAA at (202) 
789-8200 / FAX (202) 789-0284.  Also, Check out the SAA Bulletin on the WWW, 
now linked on the Southwestern Archaeology (SWA) Internet site:

Brian Kenny