Message #433:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: A Community Resource for Southwestern Archaeologists
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 96 11:09:00 MST
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Please distribute this announcement thought the greater Southwest.

Dang !  December 31, 1996 and we have received 16,100 hits on the SWA 
counter in 1996.  That's impressive.... !

SWA went on-line in 1995.  We hope you have enjoyed our approach to 
Southwestern archaeology.

Now, we need your help! We want to create a 'community' resource, expand 
participation, and help SWA evolve into an organization / service that will 
become a permanent part of the Southwestern archaeological landscape.  We 
think the SASIG and the SWA web page provide an excellent service and fill a 
very real need.  It is time to further develop this concept.

To accomplish our goal, we need to:
  1. Apply for a 501c3 (tax exempt organization) status with the IRS
  2. Apply for small grants
  3. Create a board of directors
  4. Establish a volunteer community of professional and avocational archaeologists
  5. Set up our own server
How much would it cost to run our own server for a year ?

For our purposes a $5000 Pentium Pro system with 128 MB RAM, SCSI Ultra Wide 
Hard Drive would probably suffice. If we had a lot of money a low-end Sun 
SparcStation would be ideal, but it's not available under $10000. Since our 
site is not very graphic-intensive, we could get away with an ISDN 
connection which amounts to about $100 a month these days. There's a 
variable set-up fee and of course the cost for the adapter, so that's 
another one-time expense of $500-700. Since our site's not that 
huge we could also just use a Jaz drive for backups and handle it manually. 
Add another $500-1000 for miscellaneous items (server software, hardware 
additions and improvement, routers, etc.) and we're looking at a basic set-up 
for under 10k the first year and, perhaps, $1000 - 2000 per year after that.

Your Assistance is Requested!

SWA needs individuals with an interest in Southwestern archaeology in 
cyberspace.  You don't need to be an expert with computer systems and 
on-line technology.  If you are interested in expending some energy toward 
achieving the goals outlined above, PLEASE CONTACT US BY JANUARY 31, 1997.

SWA would like to convene a group of key players during the weekend of the 
Archaeology Month Expo.  The 1997 Arizona Archaeology Month "Archaeology 
Expo" will be held at Casa Grande National Monument (Coolidge AZ) on Friday 
and Saturday, March 7-8, 1997.

Thank you !

Brian Kenny
(602) 227-3154 / (602) 962-5335
Box 61203
Phoenix, Az 85082-1203

Matthias Giessler
P.O. Box 234
Tempe, Az 85282