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[A search of Evening News Abstracts using key words 'archaeology' 'anasazi'
' indian' and 'indian ruins.'  This database may be useful to
archaeologists, anthropologist, and Native Americans tracking how issues
evolve over time and how they are represented by the media.  So, try a
search at the URLs noted below -- SASIG Ed.]

1970.05.21   NM / CATTLE DRIVE :23:50-:27:10            Thursday        
    NBC (S) S.W. cattle drive hits Indian trouble.  REPORTER: Chet
Huntley  (N. NM) Navajo tribe won't let white man's cattle eat Indian
grass; co. opens negotiations, Indians refuse; cattle trucked across
reservation; Indians won l.  REPORTER: David Brinkley

1970.05.29   INDIANS / DISNEYLAND :24:40-:25:40            Friday NBC
(S) Indian kids visit Disneyland.  REPORTER: John Chancellor  (Shonto,
AZ) Children visit CA, Disneyland; poor kids spk. no English, face hard

1970.06.23   INDIANS / SCHOOLS :15:40-:19:00            Tuesday         
   NBC (S) Am. Indians ed. situation changing.  REPORTER: Chet Huntley 
(Ramah, NM) 1/3 Indian children sent to fed. boarding schools; people
want public school & build their own; students plan ed. system, want
ethnic identity preserved. [School bd. mbr. Bertha LORENZO - wants
children to learn Indian language, history.] Many school bd. mbrs.
uned.; outside volunteers help; fed. govt. to fin. school; other
communities follow Ramah precedent.  REPORTER: Jack Perkins

1970.06.29   INDIANS / LAND CLAIM :18:50-:19:20            Monday CBS
(S) Indian Claims Cmsn. admits Navajos have aboriginal title to 30
million acres of AZ & NM land; Indians to rec. financial compensation at
1868 land value rates.  REPORTER: Harry Reasoner

1970.08.16   INDIAN FESTIVAL / PROTEST :23:10-:24:40            Sunday
NBC  (S) 49th  Annual Indian Intertribal Gathering ends tonight. 
REPORTER: John Chancellor  (Gallup, NM) Young Indian activists protest
Indian image festival promotes; want image changed. REPORTER: Frank

1970.12.02   AZ / STRIP MINE :22:10-:25:10            Wednesday         
   ABC (S) Pollution threatens AZ Indians.  REPORTER: Frank Reynolds 
(Black Mesa, AZ) Navajo land being strip-mined for coal; Peabody Coal
Co. says mine will help Indians, won't destroy land. [Co. spn. Harold
COMBS - says ground will be better after mine land reclaimed.] [Indian
spn. Peter McDONALD - says money not enough for Navajo resources.] 
REPORTER: Virginia Sherwood

1971.07.23   INDIANS BURIAL GROUNDS 5:55:30-5:57:40            Friday
CBS (S) Indian dislike MS students doing archeological study of indian
ruins. REPORTER: John Hart (Welch, MN) Am. Indian Movement mbrs. charge
MS students desecrate sacred burial grounds; force students to fill in
excavations. [Archeologist Dave NYSTUEN - says some kids changed
sympathetic view of Indians as result of what happened.] [Am. Indian
Movement spn. Clyde BELLECOURT - says Indians won't dig up white men's
graves out of respect for dead, mother earth.] [Unidentified MS SPN. -
says never intended to desecrate, insult or disparage Indian culture,
but only to support & understand.]  REPORTER: Don Kladstrup (WCCO-TV)

1971.08.15   NM / INDIAN LAND 5:55:10-5:58:20            Sunday         
   CBS (S) Taos Indians celebrating return of 48,000 acres of land to
them. REPORTER: Dan Rather (Taos Pueblo, NM) Govt. returns sacred Blue
Lake area to Indians after 64 yrs. [Sen. Fred HARRIS - says return of
land reflects fact US proud of differences of people.] [Spiritual ldr.
Augustine MIRABEL - says Blue Lake is church to Indians.]  REPORTER:
Bill Kurtis

1972.07.21   AM. INDIAN PROTESTS 5:55:10-5:57:30            Friday      
      CBS (S) Washington Redskins football team, in concession to
protests by Indians, changes lyrics of fight song, deleting references
such as "scalp'em."  REPORTER: Roger Mudd (NYC) Winnebago Indian, Max B.
Funmaker, arrested out West for possession of 2 eagles. His defense was
eagle feathers are fundamental part of Winnebago religion. Then Am.
Indian Ctr. filed damage suit against Cleveland Indians because teams
uses caricature of Indian as symbol. Atlanta Braves  lso charged because
Indian (1/2 Chippewa) dances when team makes home run. Funmaker
incident, or something, has put Indians back on warpath. Someone wants
name of Stanford U. Indians changed to "Thunder Chickens."  REPORTER:
Hughes Rudd

1972.08.07   INDIAN TRADING POSTS 5:17:00-5:19:50            Monday     
       ABC (S) FTC & Bureau of Indian Affairs to open hearings on
charges trading posts in Navajo Indian Reservation have been cheating
customers.  REPORTER: Howard K. Smith  (Navajo Reservation, AZ) More
than 70% Indians here unemployed, existing on welfare checks. They are
entirely dependent on 200 trading posts as they are removed from
civilization. Trading posts, owned by whites, enjoy monopoly. Indians
claim they are being overcharged. Indians open own cooperative store at
Pinon. Some posts which operate post offices, however, withhold welfare
checks, issuing credit to Indians but never telling them how much money
is due to than. [Trading post operator Madeliene CAMERON - justifies
higher margin of profit because accts. carried longer.] Tribal chrm.
Peter MacDonald wants white traders off reservation in 2 yrs. REPORTER:
Bill Wordham

1972.08.07   INDIAN TRADING POSTS 5:50:50-5:54:00            Monday     
       NBC (S) Indians complain about unfair prices at white-owned
trading posts. REPORTER: Garrick Utley (Los Angeles, CA) FTC & Bureau of
Indian Affairs announce joint investigation of operation of trading
posts on Navajo Indian Reservation in AZ & NM. [FTC regional dir.
Richard LAVINE - says preliminary investigation shows Navajo consumers
who spend substantial amt. of income in trading posts are being
subjected to threats, deception, fraud, & manipulation.] (Navajo
Reservation, AZ) 140 trading posts on Navajo Reservation deal with
Indians the same as in 1900's. [Trading post mgr. Larry COLMER - says
attys. for Indians don't want traders to make any money. Says ha's a
friend to the Indians-accepts credit, pawns, sells their crafts.] Alfred
Gorman, Indian, establishes trading post. Indians in Pinon establish
co-op store. REPORTER: Frank Bourgholtzer

1972.12.19   INDIAN JEWELRY 5:53:50-5:57:10            Tuesday          
  NBC (S) Vogues sweep USA with a vim. New vogue Am. Indian jewelry. 
REPORTER: John Chancellor (Los Angeles, CA) Turquoise & silver jewelry
in fashion. Jill St. John endorses certain jewelry. [ST. JOHN - people
like it.] Prices rise yearly. But Indians don't realize incr. profits.
REPORTER: Jack Perkins (Gallup, NM) Traders make much of money. Navajos
plan to change this.  Will open own stores. [Navajo chrm. Peter
MacDONALD - explains consolidation of craft & marketing effort.] Big
boom presently benefits white men.  REPORTER: Jack Perkins

1973.03.02   INDIANS / GALLUP 5:47:10-5:47:30            Friday         
   NBC (S) In Gallup, NM, 2 Indian militants seize sporting goods store
& take Gallup mayor hostage. Mayor escapes, 1 Indian surrenders & other
commits suicide.  REPORTER: John Chancellor

1974.03.29   COCONINO MTS. / INDIAN RELIGION 5:52:40-5:57:10 Friday     
       NBC (S) Coconino Mts. in AZ sacred to Am. Indians.  REPORTER:
John Chancellor (Coconino Mts., AZ) Although mtns. sacred to Indians,
some white men view area differently. Land developer attempted to
develop Coconino Mts. [Developer Bruce LEDBETTER - insists land must be
developed.] Opponents outline objections to development. [Darrell
FOSBERG - criticizes land development.] [Navajo chrm. Peter MacDONALD -
says development attacks Indian religion.] Zoning cmsn. makes decision
favoring Indians. REPORTER: Jack Perkins

1974.09.12   POPE / INDIANS 5:53:40-5:54:00            Thursday         
   NBC (S) Pope Paul VI receives Am. Indians at summer residence. He
puts on Indian headdress. REPORTER: John Chancellor

1975.01.09   AZ / INDIANS' POL. POWER 5:54:30-5:57:10           
Thursday NBC (S) AZ now experiencing incr. in Indians' pol. power. 
REPORTER: John Chancellor (Window Rock, AZ) Peter MacDonald inaugurated
for 2nd 4-yr. term as chrm. of Navajo tribal cncl. Power somewhat
limited because reservation controlled by fed. govt. Last fall, Navajo
votes impt. to gubernatorial elections in AZ & NM. [Sen. Barry GOLDWATER
- believes vote buying going on among Indians.] [MacDONALD - says strong
reaction forming against Indian involvement in pols.] Various pol.
changes to be worked on by MacDonald discussed. REPORTER: Fred Briggs

1975.02.24   INDIAN PROTEST / SHIPROCK, NM 5:21:00-5:21:20           
Monday ABC&127; (S) 20 armed Indians protest layoff of Indian workers at
electronics plant in Shiprock, NM. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner

1975.03.03   INDIAN OCCUPATION / NAVAJO RESERVATION 5:24:00-5:24:10
Monday ABC (S) Indians occupying electronics plant on Navajo reservation
in NM leave plant under compromise settlement; details given. REPORTER:
Harry Reasoner

1976.06.27   INDIANS & BUREAUCRATS / NM 5:19:10-5:22:50           
Sunday CBS (S) Rpt. on Indian gathering.  REPORTER: Bob Schieffer (NM)
HEW officials from DC visit Pueblo Indians. Nixon admin. decisions re:
Indians noted. [Ntl. tribal chief Wendel CHINO - says Western states
want to diminish tribal sovereignty.] Bureau of Indian Affairs has
biggest govt. say re: Indians. Problems incl.: need for treatment ctrs.
for alcoholics, high unemployment & poverty. Project to make & sell
adobe brick shown to bureaucrats. Bits of Indian history described.
[Taos Pueblo ldr. Paul BERNAL - says needed fed. projects have been
turned down.] [HEW rep. Robt. DUBLIN - says groundwork of training & aid
must be given before Indians allowed to determine own affairs.] 
REPORTER: Steve Young

1976.09.29   ENVIRONMENT 5:45:30-5:46:20            Wednesday           
 CBS (S) Ntl. Wildlife Federation clashes with Keep Am. Beautiful re:
throwaway trash. Environmental Agency also quits Keep Am. Beautiful.
Commercial featuring tearful Indian cited.  REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

1977.07.25   PALM SPRINGS / INDIANS / ZONING 5:54:50-5:57:10 Monday     
       NBC (S) Indian tribes own 1/2 of Palm Springs, CA. Their land is
undeveloped. Int. Dept. now says zoning laws don't apply to Indian
lands.  REPORTER: David Brinkley (Palm Springs, CA) Palm Springs
perplexed: Indian land, undeveloped, is interspersed with other land
zoned for luxury living. [Tribal cncl. Larry PIERCE - says Indian cncls.
will decide how to zone its portion; seeks assistance from town owners.]
[Mayor Russell BEIRICH - says outcome to be known Tues.] Indians are of
Aqua Caliente tribe, which, translated, means: hot water. REPORTER:
Frank Bourgholzer

1977.07.06   INDIAN HERITAGE / POT HUNTERS 5:53:40-5:57:20           
Wednesday CBS (S) about 700 yrs. ago, Anasazi Indian civilization
flourished in UT & CO, leaving rich heritage for archaeologists. Name is
Navajo for "the ancient ones. REPORTER: Dan Rather (No location given)
Cliff dwellings of Indians have been vandalized by people looking for
salable artifacts. Value of some pots, made before Columbus sailed to
New World, noted. [Brigham Young U. spn. Ray MATHENY - says pot hunters
are destroying evidence wanted to record history of Anasazi.] Bureau of
Land Mgt. has responsibility of protecting land. [BLM rep. Lester
SWEENEY - notes problems of patrolling area.] Pot hunter D. Shumway says
he hunts only on private land & won't stop. [SHUMWAY - cites reasons for
hunting.]  REPORTER: Rich. Wagner

1977.07.08   PRINCE CHAS. / HONORARY INDIAN CHIEF 5:55:40-5:57:00 Friday
NBC   (S) Prince Chas. of England becomes honorary Indian in festivities
re: Calgary, Canada's Rodeo & Stampede.  REPORTER: David Brinkley 
(Alberta, Canada) Ceremony making Prince Chas. honorary chief filmed.
Given name "Red Crow."  REPORTER: Arthur Kent (CBC)

[ * Name probably refers to a some unmentionable part of a Crow's
anatomy -- SASIG Ed.   ;-)  ]

1978.03.07   AZ WEATHER / INDIANS' PROBLEMS 5:42:20-5:43:50           
Tuesday             NBC (S) Floods in s. CA & snowstorms in E.
mentioned. Weather troubles on Indian reservations in AZ rptd. 
REPORTER: David Brinkley (Salee, AZ) Rpt. on relief efforts by Army &
Ntl. Guard to aid Navajo Indians cut off by rains & snows since last
Fri. Plight of Marie Day described. REPORTER: Roy Neal

1978.07.07   TX INDIAN RAIN DANCE 5:13:20-5:13:50            Friday ABC
(S) Earlier rpt. from correspondent Chas. Murphy about city of
Brownwood, TX, asking Indians to do rain dance in attempt to end drought
recalled; film shown. Failure of dance to bring rain rptd. REPORTER:
Harry Reasoner

1978.08.10   TX RAINS & FLOODING 5:11:10-5:13:30            Thursday ABC
(S) Indian rain dance performed in drought-stricken area of TX recalled.
REPORTER: Max Robinson (West TX) Indian rain dances performed in
Brownwood, TX, in July mentioned. Rain since that time described.
[Busman. Groner PITTS - notes that there was same no. in. of rain as
Indian dancers.] Brown Cnty.'s need for rain described. Fundamentalist
min.'s prophesy of rain in Bangs, TX, noted; min.'s name is David
Terrell. [MAN - knows Terrell is prophet.] Floods n. of Brownwood rptd.
[Throckmorton, TX, resident Mrs. Hilton KEETER - says areas s. of her
home had more rain & floods & didn't have rain machines as she does.] 
REPORTER: Chas. Murphy

1978.07.17   INDIANS' PROTESTS / CHILDREN'S FUTURES 5:09:40-5:12:10
Monday ABC  (S) Indian protest march from Lincoln Memorial, past
Washington Monument & up to Capitol in conclusion of march that began in
CA rptd.; film shown. Protest against some legis. pending in Cong. &
support of other legis., all of which affects Indians, outlined.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds (White Rocks, UT) Rpt. on govt. placing of some
Indian children in boarding schools & foster homes; details given. Case
of Laura Knight & children given as ex. [Ms. KNIGHT - says UT govt. will
have police after her if she doesn't let children go; is scared of
police.] Indians' objections to methods of deciding which are unfit
parents, due to cultural differences between Indians & those making
decisions, outlined. [UT Indian Affairs dir. Bruce PERRY - thinks main
problem is with social workers trying to impose own values on Indians.]
Jim Bilagody's experience off reservation described. [Navajo Indian Jim
BILAGODY - went into whites' world & forgot how to be Indian.] [Ute
juvenile officer Smiley ARROWCHIS - describes problems children have in
returning to reservation.] Ute tribe's agreement with UT about
children's situation noted. Legis. on issue, pending in Cong.,
mentioned.  REPORTER: Roger Peterson

1979.04.15   AZ / INDIAN MTS. 5:39:30-5:42:10            Sunday         
   NBC (S) Controversy over AZ mts. noted. (Flagstaff, AZ) Sacredness of
mts. now called San Francisco peaks to Navajo & Hopi Indians detailed;
[MAN - comments on belief.] Mts., part of Coconino Ntl. Forest, said
popular skiing area, incl. dvt. of Snow Bowl. Authorities' plans for
resort expansion & Indian claims of mts.' desecration by tourists noted;
Indians' appeal to Ntl. Forest Service cited. [Hopi tribal chrm. Abbott
SEKAQUAPTEWA - compares situation to building bar & lounge on church
property in Flagstaff.] [Resort owner, Norm JOHNSON - is sympathetic to
Indian history, but must work together.] [Ntl. Forest Service Mike
KERRICK - notes amt. of mt. to be affected by resort.] Symbolism of San
Francisco peaks to Indians noted. REPORTER: Meredith Lewis

1979.08.18   AM. INDIAN MINERAL RTS. 6:41:20-6:43:50            Saturday
NBC (S) Rpt. re: coal mining ind. introd.  REPORTER: John Hart (Navajo
Reservation, NM) 1/3 of all coal for strip mining in W. US said on
Indian land. Land also rptd. to have oil, uranium & natural gas
supplies. Navajo land featured. Stated that mining rts. belong to large
cos. or their subsidiaries. Mine owned by subsidiary of General Electric
shown. Indian unemployment in spite of mineral wealth of reservations
cited. [Council of Energy Resource Tribes Peter MacDONALD - says we get
same price from company as 19 yrs. ago even though coal prices have
risen.] Council of Energy Resource Tribes said seeking to eliminate old
lease agreements for ones that guarantee of profits.  REPORTER: Norma

1980.07.02   SPECIAL SEGMENT (STEALING INDIAN HISTORY) 5:48:00-5:52:10
Wednesday   NBC (S) Importance of Southwest Indian archaeological finds
noted; one Hopi town said oldest community on the continent.  REPORTER:
John Chancellor (Hopi Reservation, AZ) Destruction of important Indian
archaeological sites by pvt. indivs. examined; films shown, several
towns named. [Dr. Stephen LeBLANC - comments.] Pvt. collectors' methods
of retrieving pottery compared to that used by archaeologists. [Terry
REEDHEAD - comments.] Inability of collectors to discern all available
info. from site as archaeologists do noted. [LeBLANC - comments.] New
law protecting Indian relics on pvt. land discussed; photos of those 1st
convicted under law shown. [Hopi police chief Ivan SYDNEY - comments.] 
REPORTER: Frank Bourgholtze

1980.09.20   URANIUM MINES / CANCER 6:44:50-6:50:10            Saturday
NBC (S) Rpt. re: US govt. ignoring of health problems involved in
uranium mining introd.  REPORTER: Jessica Savitch (No location given)
Atomic Energy Cmsn. film of atomic blast shown. [Former uranium miner
Rell FREDERICK - talks about lung cancer he got as result of mining.]
Death of Navajo Indian who mined uranium rptd. Tape shown. Evidence of
official cover-up dangers from working in mines said to exist. [Former
asst. dir. of CO bd. of health Jack TORREY - explains reasons for not
warning miners.] AEC film of mine shown. AEC & US Public Health Service
documents re: health hazards shown. [Former AEC dir. of NY safety lab
Dr. Merrill EISENBUD - says AEC divorced itself legally from
responsibility for miners' safety, but they did have a moral
obligation.] [Former AEC dir. of health & safety in western US Ralph
BATIE - says no one was interested in safety.] [Former Head, of AEC raw
materials office - defends his record.] [Former uranium miner Val SNOW -
comments re: deaths of his friends.]  REPORTER: Robt. Bazell

1981.05.20   INDIAN LANDS / AZ 5:44:20-5:48:00            Wednesday ABC
(S) Navajo land issue in AZ said century-old problem.  REPORTER: Max
Robinson (Hopi Reservation, AZ) Complexity of problem presented. History
given. Outnumbering of Hopi Indians by Navajos said part of issue.
Regulations said now requiring Navajos to move off land formerly shared
with Hopis. Scenes shown. [Navajo Mae BANALIY - rails at official; slaps
him.] Navajo life-style described. [Hopi chrm. Abbott SEKAQUAPTEWA -
criticizes Navajo's nomad ways.] Hopi culture described as not nomadic.
[Hopi Valjean JOSHEVAMA - talks of farming.] [Navajo chrm. Peter
McDONALD - recalls Navajo concessions to white folk.] [Navajo Rose BROWN
- threatens a fight.] Pictures of land & tribal customs shown. REPORTER:
Ken Kashiwahara

1981.10.27   CA / INDIAN BURIAL SITES 5:54:50-5:57:00            Tuesday
CBS (S) Rpt. introd.  REPORTER: Dan Rather (Sacramento, CA) Impact of
archaeological digs on CA Indians explained; films shown. [Native Am.
Heritage Cmsn. spn. Wm. PINK - notes public attitude towards uncovering
Indian cemeteries.] Plans to rebury Indian remains announced. [Parks &
Recreation Dept. spn. Pete DANGERMOND - explains.] Opposition to
reburial by scientific community noted. [State archeologist Francis
RIDDELL - notes importance of digs.] [PINK - responds.]  REPORTER: Linda

1981.11.06   INDIAN BURIAL SITE 5:55:20-5:57:30            Friday ABC
(S) Rpt. introd.  REPORTER: Max Robinson (CA) Reburial of remains of s.
CA Indian tribe, over protests of archaeologists, examined; background
to situation given. Films shown. [Francis RIBBEL - feels opportunity for
study is lost.] [Native Am. Heritage Cmsn. spn. Wm. PINK - explains
Indians' position.]  REPORTER: Ken Kashiwahara

1982.08.03   INDIANS / ENERGY WEALTH 5:53:50-5:57:30            Tuesday
CBS (.) Rpt. introd.  REPORTER: Dan Rather (Farmington, NM) History of
Osage Indians recalled; photo shown. Role of OPEC in reservation's oil
ind. discussed. [Osage spn. Sylvester TINKER - notes OPEC's impact on
tribe.] [Chief Geo. TALLCHIEF - comments.] Size of reservation noted.
[Interior Dept. spn. Ken SMITH - est. amt. of ntn.'s wealth in Indian
land.] Navaho coal wealth examined. [Navajo chrm. Peter MacDONALD -
comments ] Atlantic Richfield's bus. rel. with Navajos explained.
[MacDONALD - notes Navajo bus. reputation.] REPORTER: Steve Croft

1983.05.19   INTERIOR DEPT. COAL SALES 5:39:20-5:41:40           
Thursday CBS (S) Recent criticism of Interior Secy. James Watt's sale of
coal leases at unusually low prices recalled.  REPORTER: Dan Rather
(Santa Fe, NM) Controversy over proposed coal sales in Bisti Badlands,
NM, examined; opposition by envts., Indians & state officials discussed.
Films shown courtesy The Solstice Project. Archaeologists' concern over
strip mining's impact on nearby Indian ruins noted. [Archaeologist John
SCHELBERG -  notes loss of history.] No. Navajo Indians in region &
their opposition to destruction of ancestral burial grounds discussed.
[John REDHOUSE - feels culture is being raped.] [Gov. Toney ANAYA -
notes inability to get decent price for NM coal; considers project
giveaway to coal cos.] [Interior Dept. spn. Garrey CARRUTHERS - defs.
proposal.] Cong. Demos. said investigating NM leasing plan.  REPORTER:
Eric Engberg

1983.11.18   UT / ARCHAEOLOGY 5:54:30-5:56:50            Friday         
   CBS (S) Rpt. introd.  REPORTER: Dan Rather (Salt Lake City, UT)
Apparently untouched ruins of Anasazi Indian village in s. UT examined;
archaeological significance of site explained. Anasazi recalled tribe
prevalent in region from 900-1250 A.D. Films shown. [ARCHAEOLOGIST -
discusses findings.] [Ntl. Park Service spn. Adrienne ANDERSON -
considers possible reason for Anasazi leaving area.] Cong. noted
considering funding for survey of other possible Anasazi sites in UT. 
REPORTER: Jerry Bowen

1984.08.02   TREASURE HUNTS VS. ARCHAEOLOGY 5:49:50-5:52:00           
Thursday CBS   (S) Rpt. introd.  REPORTER: Dan Rather  (Ft. Lauderdale,
FL) Conflict between undersea treasure hunters & marine archaeologists
examined; films shown. [Archaeologist Peter THROCKMORTON - considers
treasure hunters looters & vandals.] Focus of archaeologists' criticism
outlined. [THROCKMORTON - notes importance of such finds to ntn.'s
history.] [Treasure Salvors, Inc. spn. Don KINCAID - considers
archaeologists misinformed, propagandistic.] Mtg. of archaeologists &
treasure hunters to reach understanding noted. [Conf. PARTICIPANT -
cites need for such mtg.] Archaeologists mentioned sponsoring legis. in
Sen. making commercial treasure hunters illegal.  REPORTER: Peter Van

1985.01.04   UT / ARCHAEOLOGY THEFTS 5:46:10-5:48:50            Friday
CBS (S) Recent archaeological discoveries recalled.  REPORTER: Bob
Schieffer (Cottonwood Canyon, UT) Impact of looters on Indian
archaeological finds in s. UT examined; films shown. [Archaeologist
Sloane SCHWINDT - notes popularity of items on black mkt.] Econs.
involved mentioned. [Sheriff Rigby WRIGHT - describes looters'
destruction of prehistoric sites.] Fed. task force said formed to fight
thieves [US atty. Brent WARD - fears all valuable artifacts will be
stolen or destroyed if action isn't taken.] [Devar SHUMWAY - opposes
fed. govt monopoly of artifacts.] REPORTER: Rita Braver

1986.07.06   AZ / INDIAN LAND DISPUTE 5:11:30-5:13:50               
Sunday CBS (S: Susan Spencer)  Rpt. introd. (AZ: John Blackstone)  Land
dispute between Navajo & Hopi Indians in AZ & criticism of govt.'s
solution examined; background to conflict explained. Scenes shown.
[Navajo chrm. Peterson ZAH - attacks govt.'s relocation program.] [Hopi
chrm. Ivan SIDNEY - responds.]  [Lisa BEDONI - cites econ. strain of
relocation for family.]  [Roberta BLACKGOAT - comments.]

5:47:40-5:52:40                Tuesday                 ABC (S: Peter
Jennings)  Rpt. introd. (Rosebud Reservation, SD: Geo. Strait) Status of
health care for Am. Indian reservations examined; Stacy Sleepingbear's
problems cited as ex. Suicide rate among Indians noted. Scenes shown.
[Bruce PRETTY BIRD - fears for tribe's survival.] Occurrence rates for
several diseases on reservations listed. [Ntl. Indian Health Bd. dir.
Jake WHITECROW - notes Indians have lowest survival rate in US.]  [BIRD
- describes situation.] Med. services at reservation hospital described.
[Dr. Terry SLOAN - criticizes incompetent physicians.]  [Dr. John JARIB
- comments.]  [WHITECROW - notes drs.' reluctance to stay in med.
corps.]  Fed. govt.'s per capita expenditures for Indians vs.
non-Indians compared on screen; nurse-practitioner Emil Redfish
mentioned, shown. Reagan admin.'s planned budget cuts in Indian health
care cited. [Dr. Loren PETERSON - calls for change in Pres.'s attitude.]

1986.10.17   AZ / INDIAN LAND  5:50:10-5:52:30                Friday NBC
(S: Tom Brokaw)  Rpt. introd. (No location given: Roger O'Neil) 
Havasupai Indians' concern for their future due to possible
contamination of water supply by nearby uranium mine examined; details
given, scenes shown. [Chief Wayne SINYELLA - explains tribe's position.]
[Energy Fuels spn. Jerry GRANDEY - defs. dvt. plans; denies Indians'
fears are well-founded.]  [Friends of the River spn. Robt. LIPPMAN -
believes mine will set precedent for others to follow.]  [SINYELLA -
will fight mine legally if necessary.

1987.10.24   EGYPT / ARCHAEOLOGY 5:46:40-5:51:50                Saturday
NBC (S: Connie Chung)  Rpt. introd. (Cairo, Egypt: Jim Bittermann)  Use
of high technology tools in archaeological studies of tombs in Luxor,
Egypt featured; details given, scenes shown. Scenes shown courtesy of
Paramount Pictures from "Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom". History of
archaeology in Egypt reviewed. Use of drills by French architects,
remote sensing devices by Japanese, & remote cameras by Ams. shown.
[Aerospace scientist Farouk el-BAZ - explains techniques of modern
archaeology.]  Findings of new & traditional archaeology described;
scenes shown. [Archaeologist Kamel el-MALLAKH - calls for a
contemplative approach.]  Scenes from "The Mummy's Hand "shown courtesy
Universal Pictures. Criticism of the new technology by traditionalists,
such as Jacobes Van Dyke, who searched for tomb of King Tut's treasurer.
Egyptian efforts to thoroughly catalog tombs described. [Egyptian
antiquities org. Ahmed KHADRY - says we must depend on science, not
chance.]  Attempts to solve problem of moisture in tomb of Queen
Nefartari described; satellite photos shown. Use of modern technology
reviewed; pyramids shown.

1987.03.23   S.W. / CAVE WRITINGS 5:54:30-5:57:10                Monday
CBS (S: Dan Rather)  Rpt. introd. (CO-OK Border: Bob McNamara) 
Possibility Celts discovered N. America prior to Christopher Columbus
said indicated by cave writings throughout  S.W.; details given, scenes
shown. [Celtic expert Bill McGLONE - deciphers writing; notes historical
implications.]  Indian drawings in same region noted contributing to
dispute over issue. [Archaeologist Al KANE - explains not supporting
Celtic theory.]  [McGLONE - responds.]

1987.07.25   NAVAJO NTN. / ECON. SUMMIT 5:45:00-5:48:10 Saturday        
        ABC (S: Kathleen Sullivan)  Rpt. introd. (Window Rock, AZ: Gary
Shepard)  Econ. problems addressed by Navajo ntn. conf. here examined;
details given, scenes shown. [Wm. TELLER - describes lack of running
water & electricity.]  Conditions under which Bertha Harvey lives
described, shown. [Ntl. Cong. Am. Indians spn. Susan HARJO - considers
Am. Indian econ. a nightmare.]  Health problems suffered by Navajo's
outlined. [Lorenzo GORDY, Linda MARBLE - cite lack of employment.] 
[Tribal chrm. Peter McDONALD - lists cos. he would like on reservation.]
 Gen. Dynamics' reservation plant cited.

1987.08.01   INDIAN POTTERY CONTROVERSY 5:50:20-5:52:50               
Saturday NBC (S: Connie Chung)  Rpt. introd. (Cortez, CO: Roger O'Neil) 
Criticism by Indian pottery collectors of tactics used by fed. agents
searching for Indian artifacts stolen from govt. land examined; details
given, scenes shown. [Pot hunter Don JOHNSON, collector Vern CRITES,
cnty. cmsnr. Calvin BLACK - describe experiences.]  [US atty. Brent WARD
- defs. program.] [JOHNSON - equates govt. with terrorists.]  [Gallery
owner Rich. CLELLAND, collectors Bill HINKLEY, Claudia HAYNIE -

1987.10.27   CHILD CUSTODY CASE / NAVAJO INDIANS 5:56:00-5:58:10 Tuesday
ABC (S: Peter Jennings)  Rpt. introd. (No location given: Gary Shepard)
Custody case involving Navajo Indian boy, Jeremiah Holloway, taken in,
then adopted & renamed Michael Carter by Dan & Pat Carter of Spanish
Fork, UT, featured; details given, scenes shown. Fed. appeals ct.'s
agreement with Navajo tribal cncl. that latter had jurisdiction in case
noted. [Dan CARTER - hopes for the best.]  Natural mother, Cecelia
Saunders, noted wanting custody. [Michael CARTER - says he has only seen
real mother in ctr.]  Michael's letter to Pres. Reagan asking to stay
with adoptive parents quoted. Navajo fear of threat to their culture if
case lost. [Navajo tribal chrm. Peter MacDONALD - says principle should
be what is best for boy.]  Possible effect of decision on other Indian
children adopted by non-Indian parents mentioned&127;

1988.04.19   NM / NAVAJO INDIANS  5:55:30-5:58:00                Tuesday
ABC (S: Peter Jennings)  Rpt. introd. (On train in NM: Chas. Murphy) 
Railroad trip through Navajo Indian cntry. in NM featured; scenes shown.
[Navajo guide Zani GORMAN - describes view from train & Navajo beliefs.]
 [PASSENGER - comments.]  [GORMAN - discusses misconceptions about her

1988.06.10   ASSIGNMENT AM.: BETWEEN TWO WORLDS 5:54:40-5:58:10 Friday
NBC (S: Connie Chung)  Rpt. introd. (Santa Clara Pueblo, NM: Bill
Schechner) Teen Indian Jerry Crespan featured; details of his ancestral
heritage given, scenes shown. [Voice of CRESPAN - comments on heritage.]
 Pueblo Indian dance shown. [CRESPAN - comments on being an Indian.] 
Poverty in Indian settlements discussed.  [CRESPAN - comments on school
conflicting with heritage.]  Santa Fe Indian school featured; details
given, scenes shown. [CRESPAN - says hopes for future in which tech. &
traditions don't clash.]  Crespan noted attending pharmacy school.
[CRESPAN - comments on culture.]

1988.06.12   AM. INDIAN RUNNER / WAQUIE 5:53:10-5:57:40 Sunday          
      NBC (S: Garrick Utley)  Rpt. introd. (Hamis Pueblo, NM: Robt.
Lipsyte)  Am. Indian runner Al Waquie featured; scenes shown of Waquie
running on NM mtn. [WAQUIE - explains influence of grandfather.] Scenes
shown of Feb. 15, 1985, race to top of Empire State Bldg. in NYC; Waquie
noted winning race five times. History of Am. Indian runners detailed;
scenes & photos shown of Indian runners. [Al's father Felix WAQUIE -
explains running.]  [WAQUIE - talks to kids about sports.]  [US Public
Health Service tribal health programs spn. chief Michael BIRD - talks
about Waquie as role model.]  [WAQUIE - talks about the spirit.]  Mtn.
running scenes shown.

1988.07.25   AM. INDIANS / SUICIDES 5:44:40-5:49:00               
Monday ABC (S: Barry Serafin)  Announcement of govt. task force to study
why suicide, homicide & alcoholism rates are skyrocketing among Am.
Indians rptd. Rpt. introd. (Warm Springs, OR: Bill O'Reilly) Attempts by
Am. Indians to revive their culture to use it as weapon against suicide
among young Am. Indians featured; scenes shown. [Indian health
researcher Spero MANSON - discusses suicide statistics.]  Suicide rate
among Warm Springs Wasco & Paiute Indians given. [Bill Wayne ANNWIN -
talks about suicides of two sons.]  Feeling of despair among young
noted. [Anita DAVIS - talks about feeling helpless.]  Alienation of
modern-day Indian examined. [INDIAN, tribal elder Warren CLEMENTS -
discuss situation.]  Scenes shown of traditional tribal ceremonies that
offer emotional support. [INDIANS - talk about suicides.]  [Spiritual
cnslr. Prosanna WILLIAMS - explains Indian culture.]

1988.08.13   WEATHER / HEAT WAVE, RAIN, DROUGHT :20:00-:22:10 Saturday
CBS (S: Bob schieffer)  Cont. of heat wave in E. & rain in plains states
rptd. Rpt. introd. (Fallon, NV: Jas. Hattori)  Drought in NV rptd.
focusing attn. on battle over what water exists in desert; details given
on conflict between Paiute Indians dependent on fishing & farmers
needing water for irrigation; scenes shown. [Farmer Ted DeBRAGA - says
everyone wants our water.]  Govt.- supported irrigation project on
Truckee R. explained. [Paiute tribal cncl. spn. Joe ELY - explains impt.
of kwiwi fish to Indian econ. & tradition.]  [DeBRAGA - defends water
rights.]  Plan to settle problem outlined.

1989.01.31   AM. INDIAN SCANDAL 5:44:20-5:46:50                Tuesday
NBC (S: TB)  Rpt. introd.        (DC: Andrea Mitchell)  Controversial
sale of AZ ranch to Navajo tribe discussed; details given, scenes shown.
 Navajo ldr. Peter MacDonald rptd. living on reservation with his
poverty-stricken followers.  [Ex-Navajo chief Peterson ZAH -says
middleman in AZ ranch deal made millions in profits.]  [Navajo ntn.
chief of staff Richie NEZ - denies that MacDonald committed fraud.] 
Sen.  investigation rptd. uncovering fraud among Indians & white
contractors who win minority contracts.  Case of Blaze construction co.
in WA noted; co. owner Wm. Aubrey's testimony at Sen. hearing quoted re:
necessity of having secret white partners.  Sexual abuse of Indian
children by govt. teachers mentioned as another ex. of abuse.

1989.02.17   AZ / APACHE RESERVATION: ADOPTION CASE 5:42:30-5:45:20
Friday NBC (S: TB)  Rpt. introd. (White R., AZ: Roger O'Neil)  Case
rptd. of Lolita Johnson, Apache Indian teen who was born on reservation
& raised for several yrs. by adoptive white parents, now ordered by
judge to live with her natural mother.  [JOHNSON - says she wants to be
with her adopted parents.]  Foster parents Norm & Nadine DeRocher noted
believing that they had legally adopted Johnson.  [Norm DeROCHER - says
he wants to do what Lolita wants.] [Mother Thurza ALTAHA - comments on
loss of daughter.] Tribal effort to keep children on reservations
discussed.  US Civil Rights Cmsn.  chrm. Wm. Allen rptd. investigating
Johnson case. [JOHNSON - says she is being held on reservation against
her will.]  [ALLEN - says slavery is unconstitutional.]  [Child
psychologist Dr. Barry GOODFIELD - tells Johnson he will take her from
reservation if she wants to leave.]  [ALLEN - tells Goodfield that plan
would be kidnapping.]

5:41:20-5:42:00 Wednesday                 NBC (S: TB)  Civil Rights
Cmsn. chrm. Wm. Allen rptd. angering Apache Indian ntn.  officials when
he visited teenaged Apache girl who is being held against her will on
reservation in White R., AZ; details given of case, scenes shown. 
Allen's fellow cmsn. mbrs. rptd. calling for his resignation.

1989.08.02   AZ / GARBAGE ARCHAEOLOGY 5:55:40-5:58:10               
Wednesday ABC (S: Peter Jennings)  Rpt. introd. (Phoenix, AZ: Al Dale) 
Examination of AZ garbage by Univ. of AZ archaeologist Bill Ratchey
featured; scenes shown from film "Raiders of the Lost Ark" & of staff
picking through garbage.  [RATCHEY - says he's an archaeologist.]
[STAFFER - talks about smell.]  [RATCHEY - comments on findings.]

1991.01.04         NEW MEXICO / RUG WEAVING & SHEEP 5:55:10-5:57:50
Friday NBC (Studio: Katherine Couric)  Report introduced. (No location
given: Roger O'Neil)  New Mexico Navajo Indian rug-weaving art &
endangered churros sheep featured; scenes shown. [Navajo sheep herder
Leo NATONI, Dr. Lyle McNEIL, Hubbell Trading Post Bill MALONE - comment
on preserving the churros.]

5:52:00-5:56:20 Friday               CBS (Studio: Dan Rather)  Report
introduced. (Las Coyotes reservation: Ron Allen)  Undeveloped Indian
reservations as the new frontier for waste companies featured; scenes
shown from San Diego County, CA.  [Chambers Development Co. Alexander
RANGOS, tribal elder Catherine SAUVELL, Indians Ralph GOFF, Milton
CAMPBELL, ranchers Ed & Donna TISDALE - offer differing opinions on use
of Indian land as garbage dumps.] Illegal operation on a desert
reservation in Riverside County, CA, shown.  [Three INDIANS, Riverside
County deputy D.A. Richard NIXON - comment.]  Issue of whether the land
or the money is more important to the Indians noted.

5:55:20-5:58:00              Wednesday               ABC

(Studio: Peter Jennings)  Report introduced.

(Atlanta: Dick Schaap)  Protests by Native Americans against baseball's
Atlanta Braves & the fans's penchant for the "tomahawk chop" & Indian
regalia featured; scenes shown from outside the Atlanta stadium where
the third World Series game was held last night.  [American Indian
Movement director Clyde BELLECOURT - criticizes fans.]  Decision by
Braves' owner Ted Turner & his fiancee actress Jane Fonda to stop
chopping reported; scenes shown.  [Former President Jimmy CARTER,
Atlanta Mayor Andrew YOUNG - support the chop.]  [Indian protester Aaron
TWO ELK, Cherokee INDIAN, PROTESTER - respond.]

5:38:10-5:40:50              Friday               NBC (Studio: Tom
Brokaw)  Report introduced. (Ft. McDowell, AZ: Mike Boettcher) Standoff
between the state of Arizona & the Yavapai Apache Indians over the issue
of casino gambling on Indian land examined; scenes shown from the
reservation; details given of the reaction of the tribe to efforts to
shut down the casinos.  [Two Indian WOMEN, teacher Vada GATES, casino
manager Gene COCHALL, gas station operator Philip DORCHESTER - comment
on the importance of casino jobs & money.]

1992.10.12      COLUMBUS / 500TH ANNIVERSARY 5:53:40-5:55:40            
 Monday NBC (Studio: Tom Brokaw)  Report introduced. (Denver: Roger
O'Neil) Controversy on Columbus Day commemorating the 500th anniversary
of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus featured; scenes
shown of protests in Mexico City, Mexico, & Chicago & of a small march
in Denver after the parade was canceled.  [Militant Indian leader
Russell MEANS - gives the Indians' point of view.]  [Teacher Maria ABEDE
- comments.]

1992.12.01      ARIZONA / NATIVE AMERICANS / LAND TREATY 5:55:40-5:58:10
Tuesday               NBC (Studio: Tom Brokaw)  Map shown of the area in
dispute for a hundred years between two Southwestern Indian tribes.
(Kykotsmovi, AZ: Conroy Chino)  Secret land treaty that will be given a
section of public & private lands in Arizona to the Hopi Indians
featured; scenes shown from the area around Coal Canyon, AZ.  [Hopi
tribal chairman Vernon MASAYESVA, NAVAJO, Hopi resident Tommy CANYON -
offer views on the land dispute & the proposed settlement.]  Opposition
of non-Indians to the transfer of public lands to the Hopi noted.

1993.05.01      ARCHAEOLOGY / GARBAGE DUMPS 5:55:00-5:58:00 Saturday ABC
(Studio: Tom Jarriel)  Report introduced.  (Tucson, AZ: Lisa Stark)  The
archaeological study of fresh garbage by a university professor
featured; scenes shown from West Palm Beach, FL, garbage dump. 
[University of Arizona archaeologist Bill RATHJE, research associate
Kathy OWEN - list what is found in the field.]  [Two student RESEARCHERS
- comment.]

1993.05.30      MEDICINE: MYSTERY DISEASE 5:03:00-5:05:10 Sunday        
      CBS (Studio: Edie Magnus)  Report introduced. (New York: Linda
Taira) Mysterious flu-like illness in the Southwest examined; scenes
shown from the Navajo reservation, where people are struck without
warning.  [New Mexico health department epidemiologist Dr. Ronald
VOORHEES, Indian Health Service Dr. Jim CHEEK - comment on trying to pin
down the cause.] The medical hunt on the reservation for the culprit
causing the disease reviewed.  [NAVAJO - comments.]

1993.05.31      SOUTHWEST / MYSTERY ILLNESS / NAVAJOS 5:36:50-5:38:50
Monday NBC (Studio: Mike Schneider)  Report introduced. (Albuquerque:
Robert Bazell)  The mystery illness that is attacking young people,
especially Navajo Indians, in the Southwest, featured; symptoms
described.  [Navajo nation Ron WOOD, University of New Mexico Dr. Fred
KOSTER, Indian Health Service Dr. Jim CHEEK, New Mexico health
department Dr. Ron VOORHEES - comment on the disease & the search for
its cause.]

1993.06.01      SOUTHWEST: MYSTERY ILLNESS 5:36:20-5:38:00             
Tuesday ABC (Studio: Peter Jennings)  Report introduced.  (Window Rock,
AZ: Gary Shepard)  Lack of clues to the cause of the mystery disease
that has broken out in the Southwest featured; symptoms described. 
[Indian Health Service Dr. Allen CRAIG, NAVAJO, Navajo president
Peterson ZAH - comment.]

1993.06.02      SOUTHWEST / MYSTERY ILLNESS 5:39:10-5:40:40 Wednesday
NBC (Studio: Jane Pauley)  Report introduced. (Santa Fe: Robert Bazell)
Centering of the epidemic of mystery illness on the Navajo Indian
reservation featured. [Navajo nation president Peterson ZAH - says
Navajo medicine people will be used.]  [New Mexico health department Dr.
Gary SIMPSON - comments on health workers who got sick.]

1993.06.03      SOUTHWEST / MYSTERY ILLNESS 5:38:20-5:38:40 Thursday NBC
(Studio: Jane Pauley)  Update given on the mystery illness in & around
the Navajo Indian reservation in the Southwest.

5:51:00-5:55:30              Thursday               ABC (Studio: Peter
Jennings)  Report introduced. (Window Rock, AZ: Barry Serafin)  The
controversy within the Navajo Indian community over logging operations
in the timber country of the Chuska Mountains examined in light of the
unexplained death of Navajo logging opponent Leroy Jackson; scenes
shown.  [Environmentalist John REDHOUSE - comments.]  [Last August,
JACKSON - opposes the mill.]  [Reporter Brenda NORRELL - cites threats.]
 [Jackson's widow Adella BEGAYE, New Mexico state police Maj. Frank
TAYLOR, environmentalist Sam HITT, NORRELL - question Jackson's death by
drugs.]  [Sawmill manager Ed RICHARDS - appeals to council.]

1994.03.03      MEDICINE: HANTAVIRUS 5:45:10-5:47:10             
Thursday CBS (Studio: Dan Rather)  Report introduced. (New York: Bob
Arnot)  The spread of the hantavirus that began with an outbreak last
May on an Indian reservation in the Southwest examined.  [Victim Kenneth
SPENCE - describes his symptoms.]  [CDC Dr. C.J. PETER, New York state
health commissioner Dr. Mark CHASSIN - say it is a brand-new disease
that looks like the flu.] Hantavirus symptoms listed.

5:44:40- 5:49:10              Wednesday               ABC    (Studio:
Peter Jennings) Report introduced. (No location given: Barry Serafin) 
The plan for the storage of nuclear waste on Indian land featured;
scenes shown from Mescalero, NM, of the Mescalero Apache Indians
business ventures.  [Apache leader Wendell CHINO, project manager chief
Silas COCHISE, Apaches Donalyn TORRES, Ruffino LAWS, Joseph GERONIMO -
offer views on the nuclear storage issue.]  The opposition to Chino's
plan from some reservation Apaches & from some local townspeople

5:55:50-5:58:30              Friday               NBC (Studio: Tom
Brokaw)  The opening of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the
American Indian featured; scenes shown of cultural artifacts on display
in the gallery while the exhibit's three themes are outlined.  [Museum
director Richard WEST - shows off parts of the displays.]

1995.01.08      NUCLEAR WASTE  5:15:50-5:19:50              Sunday CBS
(Studio: Monica Gayle)  Report introduced. (Los Angeles: Bill Lagattuta)
The controversy over an Apache Indian tribe's bid to store nuclear waste
on its reservation in Mescalero, NM, reported; scenes shown of the
flourishing reservation businesses.  [Tribal member Joseph GERONIMO,
tribal leader Silas COCHISE, tribal member Owen PINTO - comment on their
land & a proposed nuclear storage facility.]  [New Mexico Senator Jeff
BINGAMAN - comments on the dangers of a temporary site becoming the
final site for nuclear waste.]  [Ruidoso Board of Realtors Doug SIDDENS,
tribal member Rufina LAWS - oppose the nuclear waste site on tribal

1995.02.14      ENGLAND / INDIAN CHIEF GRAVE 5:55:00-5:58:00 Tuesday CBS
 (Studio: Dan Rather)  Report introduced. (London: Mark Phillips)  The
saga of the missing grave of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show star chief
Lone Wolf in London, England, examined.  [Lone Wolf's great-great
grandson John BLACKFEATHER - talks about Lone Wolf.] [Birmingham England
resident Elizabeth KNIGHT - reads from an old book describing the
location of Lone Wolf's burial site by "Buffalo Bill" & talks about the

5:55:10-5:58:10 Saturday               NBC    (Studio: Brian Williams) 
Report introduced. (Shiprock, NM: John Frankel)  Women's high school
basketball in the little town of Shiprock, NM, a Navajo Indian
community, featured; communal & game scenes shown.  [Lady Chieftain
players Andrea SIMMS, Marlena DESHINA - talk about their basketball

5:40:40-5:42:50 Saturday               NBC  (Studio: Brian Williams) 
Report introduced. (Dallas: Jim Cummins)  Texas custody & culture battle
over youngsters Michael Johnson & his half-brothers Mark & Matthew
White, who were abandoned by their natural mother, who is a Yavapai
Apache Indian, examined; scenes shown of the boys.  [Seeking custody
Charles & Michelle JENKINS, Yavapai Apache Kathryn BONNAHA-CUNNINGHAM,
tribal attorney Rodolfo MARES, Yavapai Apache Theresa SPURGEON - want
the boys.]  The tribe's position on heritage & child custody based on
the 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act & the legal issue of whether state
courts or tribal courts have jurisdiction reviewed.

5:49:40-5:52:50              Wednesday               NBC (Studio: Tom
Brokaw)  Report introduced. (Denver: Roger O'Neil)  The cost to the
taxpayers of a Colorado water project in the desert examined; scenes
shown the of the Animas River & La Plata River while the deal with the
local Indian tribes, the environmental problems & cost effectiveness are
detailed.  [Representative Scott McINNIS, Southern Ute tribe chairman
Leonard BURCH, Sierra Club Legal Defend Fund Lori POTTER, Senate Ben
Nighthorse CAMPBELL - comment on the project & the politics that keep it

1995.11.26      NEW YORK / NATIVE AMERICANS / COMPUTERS 5:25:50-5:28:20 
            Sunday               CBS (Studio: John Roberts) Report
introduced. (New York: Richard Threlkeld)  The response to a project by
the Tuscarora Indian school in upstate New York in which it has gone on
line to explain their culture featured; classroom scenes shown to
illustrate the Internet computer project that links over 800 schools. 
[STUDENTS, teacher Leticia AVINA - comment.]

1996.01.29     FOOTBALL / SUPER BOWL / NAVAJO RADIO 5:56:00-5:57:50
Monday ABC (Studio: Peter Jennings)  The first radio broadcast of
football's Super Bowl in the Navajo Indian language featured; scenes
shown from Window Rock, AZ & of Ernie Manolito doing the radiocast.

1996.05.10     IN DEPTH (ADOPTION) 5:41:40-5:46:50              Friday
NBC (Studio: Tom Brokaw)  House passage of a bill giving parents who
adopt a 5000 tax credit reported & report introduced.  [First Lady
Hillary CLINTON - comments on adoption.] (Napa, IO: Roger O'Neil)  The
adoption reform bill examined; details given of controversial tenets
that would allow interracial adoption.  The Indian Child Welfare Act,
designed to preserve Native American culture by placing Indian children
in Indian homes, which would be threatened by the new legislation,
mentioned. [Adopting parents Karla SWENSON, Colette ROST, social worker
Caroline COONEY - offer opinions on interracial adoptions.] (Studio: Tom
Brokaw)  Part Indian Rosette Carol White Mountain's story featured. 
[WHITE MOUNTIAN - says she feels ripped-off by the US government's
intervention into her family life.]

1996.05.13     EYE ON AMERICA (OBESITY STUDY) (PART I) 5:49:10-5:53:40  
           Monday                CBS  (Studio: Dan Rather) Report
introduced.  (Sells, AZ: Dr. Bob Arnot)  Results of promising research
on dieting & health from a study of the Pima Indians featured; details
given.  [Indian CHILDREN, Dr. Chico LIVINGSTON, O'Odham conservationist
Angelo JOAQUIN, Dr. Mauro VALENCIA, Pima Indian Jose Ojai GALEVISE,
ethnobotanist Gary NABHAN - comment on healthy food & diet's relation to

1996.05.14     EYE ON AMERICA (OBESITY STUDY) (PART II) 5:50:50-5:54:20 
            Tuesday                CBS (Studio: Dan Rather) Report
introduced. (Tucson, AZ: Dr. Bob Arnot)  Results of promising research
on dieting & health from a study of Southwest Indians featured; details
given.  [O'Odham conservationist Angelo JOAQUIN, ethnobotanist Gary
NABHAN, US Indian Health Service Karen BACHMAN-CARTER - comment on the
benefits of eating desert cactus & other healthy foods.