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Subject: Arizona WATCH -- Arizona Site Steward newsletter
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 22:54:50 -0700
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Arizona WATCH - the newsletter of the Arizona Site Steward Program - is
dedicated to protect and preserve Arizona's heritage and cultural

The December, 1996 Watch contains really interesting articles:

	Fossils on State Trust lands and public lands
	Camp Site Steward (an upcoming site steward training conference May
    3-4, 1997)
	'Who's Minding the Past' video (available through the Southwest
    Archaeological Team [SWAT] at (602)  967-1022)
	Friends of the Site Stewards ( a non-profit corporation organized in
    support of the Arizona Site Steward Program; contact Ed Riggs
	at (602) 225-0117 or and make a tax-deductible
	Historic Mines in the Huachucha Mountains
	Passport in Time (PIT) Project News (1997 field opportunities in
    Arizona for avocational archaeologists at Silver Creek; Kentucky
	Camp; Huachucha Mountains; Pinal Townsite)
	Tom Mix Platform Mound Stabilization Project
	Site Steward Program regional news from around Arizona

The Arizona WATCH is published quarterly by the Arizona State Historic
Preservation Office / Arizona State Parks and is partially funded by
Heritage Funds (Arizona Lotto).  To become an Arizona Site Steward or to
find out more about the WATCH, contact Mary Estes, Arizona Site Steward
Program, 1300 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007.  Telephone  (602)
542-4180 (fax).  E-mail