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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Help Update the SWA Southwestern Archaeology Reading List
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 96 16:05:00 MST
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I made an archaeology presentation to a generalist audience this morning. 
After the talk, I was asked to offer ideas on good books on Southwestern 
archaeology.  I mentioned a few classics and recent titles that were readily 

Back at the office, I looked at:

It seems we should again update the SWA Reading List.  If you have favorite 
archaeology books that are readily available and interesting to the general 
public, please offer your recommendations as soon as possible and I will 
revise the list.

Brian Kenny

SWA SW Archaeology Reading List text attached: The titles on the reading list below were sent in by archaeologists and anthropologists in response to the question: Is there a recent, concise, and authorative book on Southwestern Archaeology? If you would like to add any titles to the list, please send suggestions and brief descriptions to Brian Kenny.

From: Cynthia Bettison (bettisonc@iron.wnmu.ed)

From: Wetherbee Bryan Dorshow (

From: From: Jane Kolber (

From: Al Shalette (

From: Brian Kenny (

From: AAC Newsletter Volume 19 Number 3 October 1995]:

    Snapshots of the Past
    by Prof. Brian Fagan, University of California at Santa Barbara

    Snapshots informs the reader, in the framework of 30 brief essays, about the leading issues in archaeology today. Fagan collects many articles from his regular "Timelines' column in Archaeology magazine, as well as several new articles, into a single volume and leads the reader on a tour through time and space, ranging from the ascent of the human species to public Controversies that concern today's archaeologist. The "snapshots" are of issues of greatest contempomty interest: the Eve hypothesis, the peopling of the New World, site looting, the impact of feminism on archaeology, the archaeology of slavery, and the spectacular cave art finds at Chauvet Grotto in France, among many others.

    Snapshots of the Past
    Brian Fagan 160 pp.
    HC $32.00; PB $14.95

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