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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: 1996 PTTGrants
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 96 15:38:00 MST
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From: Mary S. Carroll 

Brian, I'd appreciate your posting this.  Thanks.

Mary S. Carroll
Information Management Specialist,
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
NSU Box 5682,  Natchitoches,  LA   71497
318/357-6464 (voice)     318/357-6421 (fax)  318/357-3214 (fax-on-demand)


The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training has awarded 21 
grants totaling $720,000 to educational institutions and historic 
preservation groups around the country. NCPTT's grants encourage 
interdisciplinary research and training in historic preservation. 
Sixty-seven grants totaling $2,144,952 have been awarded since 1994. This 
year's recipients were selected from among 166 applications received as the 
result of a nationally advertised request for proposals.

Seven grants were awarded in each of three categories: training, research 
and information management. Grant titles, recipients and grant amounts are 
listed as follows:

 "Historic Preservation Workshop for Planning and Preservation 
 Commissioners," University of Georgia, $28,270;
 "Hazards in Conservation Materials and Processes: Workshop and  Technical 
Field Guide," RESTORE, $40,000;
 "Preserving Mechanical Systems: CD-ROM Correspondence Course,"  Belmont 
Technical College, $37,920;
 "Building Code Issues in Rehabilitation: Solutions and Precedents," 
 California Preservation Foundation, $38,178;
 "Culture Resources Protection: Training for Northern Nevada  Tribes," 
Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, $40,000;
 "Restoring Dry Stone Walls and Fences: An Instructional Video,"  Kentucky 
Heritage Council, $24,032;
 "Historic Landscape Workshops," The Alliance for Historic Landscape 
 Preservation, $37,100.

 "Using Three-Dimensional Ground Penetrating Radar to Locate and  Identify 
Buried Archaeological Features," University of Colorado,
"Developing Comprehensive Testing Protocols for Protective Coatings on 
Silver Objects in Museum Collections," Corrosion and Materials Research 
Institute, $39,844;
"A New Technique for Accurately Dating Prehistoric Rock Paintings," Texas 
A&M University, $39,954;
"Developing Models for Parking and Pedestrian Circulation Design in Historic 
Downtowns," University of Kentucky, $14,301;
"Developing a Prototypical Historic Fire Risk Index to Evaluate Fire Safety 
in Historic Buildings," Fire Safety Institute, $38,496;
"Developing Standards and Procedures for Recording Courthouses using 
Customized Digital Technologies: A Model for Statewide County Courthouse 
Digital Documentation," University of Texas at San Antonio, $39,754;
"Using Aerial Photography to Document and Monitor the Condition of 
 Prehistoric Earthen Structures"  Society for American Archaeology  $40,000"

Information Management
"Maritime Cultural Resources: Developing and Sharing an Expandable Online 
Database," Ohio Historical Society, $40,000;
"Providing Public Access to Hawaii's Preservation Information via World Wide 
Web," Hawaii State Historic Preservation Office," $9,500;
"A Creole Heritage Preservation Guide," St. Augustine Historical Society, 
"Computerizing Maryland's Historic Site Records," Maryland Historic Trust, 
"UVa Law Library Collection: Developing an Internet Database for 
 Preservation Law"  University of Virginia Law School Foundation  $27,937
"Arizona's Cultural Resource Database: Developing a Master Plan," Arizona 
State Museum, $34,547;
"Internet Access to State by State Preservation Law," National Conference of 
State Historic Preservation Officers, $40,000.

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training is an effort by 
the National Park Service to advance the art and science of historic 
preservation. The National Center is the first interdisciplinary 
preservation research and development effort on a national scale that 
includes historic architecture, archaeology, historic landscapes, materials 
conservation and interpretation. Established by the National Historic 
Preservation Act Amendments of 1992, NCPTT develops and distributes skills 
and technologies that enhance the preservation, conservation and 
interpretation of prehistoric and historic resources throughout the United 
States.  For more information on the National Center for Preservation 
Technology and Training, call 318/357-6464 or e-mail