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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Web Page for Arizona Site Steward Program
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 96 12:38:00 MST
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The Arizona Site Stewards now have a web page at  Mary Estes is 
the coordinator for the Site Steward Program.  Mary may be contacted at: 
Site Steward Program/AZ SHPO, 1300 West Washington Street, Phoenix AZ 85009. 
Telephone: (602) 542-4009 / (602) 542-7143 / FAX (602) 542-4180.  E-mail:

For those without a browser and Internet access, here is the current text of 
the Site Steward webpage:  Mary Estes is 

What is the Arizona Site Steward Program?
The Arizona Site Steward Program is an organization of volunteers, sponsored 
by the public land managers of Arizona, whose members are recruited, trained 
and certified by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), a section of 
Arizona State Parks, and the Archaeology Advisory Commission.

What is the goal of the Site Steward Program?
The goal of the Site Steward Program is to increase public awareness of the 
significance and value of cultural resources, the damage done by artifact 
hunters, and to enhance the completeness of the statewide archaeological 
inventory. The program seeks volunteers from all areas of the state with a 
strong interest in heritage conservation and preservation.

What do Site Stewards do?
A Site Steward's primary role is to monitor both historic, prehistoric and 
paleontological sites for vandalism and to report damage to the appropriate 
land manager. However, many Stewards assist the land manager with site 
surveys, mapping, and rock art recording.

Who can be a Site Steward?
Site Steward must live in the State of Arizona for at least five months of 
the year and must be available to undergo the required 10 hours of classroom 
and field training in whatever area they live during the time a training 
might be scheduled. Currently there are over 400 Site Stewards in Arizona.

Are you interested?
To find out more about the Site Steward program, plan to attend a regional 
training session. Currently two are scheduled for the fall of 1996.  For 
further information contact the Arizona Site Steward Program Coordinator at