Message #271:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Native American Consultation Training at FPF Meeting
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 11:48:00 MST
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URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT -  Please circulate throughout your agency to any 
interested persons - FPF members or not!

FEDERAL PRESERVATION FORUM would like to arrange a training course to be 
offered at the conclusion of the upcoming FPF meeting in Denver, Colorado, 
October 28-30.  The training course would be held on October 30.  In order 
to schedule the training, we need to get a good estimate of the numbers of 
people who would definitely take it, are interested in taking it, might take 
it, etc.  We need to get a rough count as soon as possible.  Like today!  So 
please let me know by e-mail or phone as soon as possible of your interest. 
We will also consider special arrangements for agency block-purchase 
discounts. Come to the meeting and stay for the course!

Course Title:  Consultation with Native Americans Under NHPA, NEPA, NAGPRA, 
AIRFA, and Executive Order 13007

Topics to be covered:  Basic requirements of the laws and regulations. 
Government-to-government relationships with tribes.  Selected court 
decisions.  Consultation in the identification and management of 
traditional  cultural places.  Plans of Action and Comprehensive Agreements 
under NAGPRA.  Consultation guidelines.

Duration:  Eight hours.
Materials:  Participants will receive a class syllabus and copies of the
pertinent parts of laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines.
Cost:  S150.00
Instructional personnel:  Tom King, Bill Dodge & Loretta Neumann

Call Rolla Queen @ 909-697-5386 or email at