Message #264:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Return of the Magnificent Seven
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 96 16:59:00 MST
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Several people at the Pecos Conference said they wished to get to SWA if 
only they could get an Internet Service Provider or E-mail cheaply.  Some 
said they worked on Indian Communities or reservations or in rural areas 
with poor phone service.

Here is some advice to share:

1.  Dial 1-800-654-JUNO to receive a free diskette in the mail from Juno. 
If you have a computer with a modem, load this software.  You can sign up 
with Juno for free e-mail.  The software allows you to send and receive 
e-mail at no cost (you will not be able to transfer files, nor will you have 
access to the world-wide web).  Juno will provide you with a local dial up 
number so you won't have any long-distance charges.  This is a great system 
if you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere!  At least youll have e-mail. 
 Also with Juno, you read and write e-mail off line; the system connects 
just long enough for the transfer of messages (you wont be tying up phone 

2.  If you live in AZ, you can get free access to e-mail and text-only world 
wide web (no graphics) by joining AzTeC. Using the Windows terminal program 
(or similar modem dialler program), dial into AzTeC Freenet, register 
on-line, and begin using the service.  You can send and receive e-mail and 
view webpages on the www.  AzTeC allows you to sign on one hour at a time, 
with no limit to the number of times you sign on in a day.  You don't need a 
fast modem (2400 baud is OK).  In someways, this system is more reliable 
than using a Netscape browser (AzTeC wont crash on you).  If you can call 
Phoenix Metro, TucsonMetro, Prescott or Flagstaff phone exchanges without a 
toll charge, you will be able to access AzTeC Freenet.  Best of all, yours 
truly is on the Board of Directors of AzTeC, so if you have any gripes or 
concerns you know whom to contact!!  If you need the phone numbers , or help 
configuring your computer's modem dialling software, let me know.  If you 
dont own a home computer with a modem, many public libraries now have 
computer terminals that offer access to AzTeC.  This freenet system will 
spread to other communities in AZ.

3.  There are other community freenets in the USA ( Denver Freenet, Los 
Angeles Freenet, North Texas Freenet, Rio Grande Freenet [El Paso] ). 
Archaelogists in these communities can access e-mail and text-only www 
using these freenet systems.  More information is available at

4.  Lets say you live in the big city and have an Internet Service Provider 
(ISP) [ for example, I pay $15/mo for unlimited access ISP service ].  As an 
itinerant archaeologist (aren't we all ?), perhaps youll find youself out in 
the middle of the big dig in the middle of the rural Southwest (but, with a 
phone connection).  Check with your ISP before you dump your service in the 
city; the ISP probably can provide you with an 800 number so you can get on 
line from your rural locaton with no toll charges.  If your local ISP is 
charging too much, try going with as ISP in a larger community if they can 
provide you with an 800 number. This may be a great way to reduce costs. You 
can always use AOL or compuserve from nearly anywhere, but why pay $4.95/Hr 
when you can now get better service from an ISP with an 800 number.

5.  If you work for a government, you may not be able to use your government 
e-mail for non-business purposes.  Thus I recommend you try Juno, AzTeC or 
another freenet, especially if you are allowed to load and use this software 
on your work computer.  An alternate e-mail service with an 800 number gives 
you an alternate address that isnt a government e-mail address ( think of 
the liberating implications ! )

6.  If you want to build and serve a personal or business webpage without 
paying $$ for additional server space, try

7.  Once you open your free e-mail account, send SWA your e-mail address to 
receive the mailings of the Southwestern Archaeology Special Interest Group 
(SASIG)  !!  Way cool, eh !

Please share this information with your colleagues.  Good Luck !

Brian Kenny