Message #262:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Pecos Conference --  The T-Shirt
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 96 17:07:00 MST
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SWA is pleased to relay the following message from the business meeting of 
the 1996 Pecos Conference:

The 1998 Pecos Conference will be held at Pecos National Historic Park 
(east of Santa Fe, NM).

Next year -- the 1997 Pecos Conference -- the 70th Anniversary 
Conference -- will be held at Chaco Canyon National Park,
New Mexico.  The Conference Organizer is Thomas C. Windes of the 
National Park Service, 305 Richmond Av. SE,
Albuquerque NM  87106.  His office phone number is:  (505) 277-0192. and/or

The 1997 Pecos Conference organizing committee also includes:

Alan Shalette
Phil LoPiccolo

Now, for the SWA message:

Visit to see the Pecos 
Conference T-shirt archive and the design of the 1996 Pecos Conference 

SWA would be most pleased to post your Pecos Conference presentation on the 
World-Wide Web.  Send your Pecos Conference outline, abstact, key discussion 
points, or full text documents and graphics.  FTP your electronic files, or, 
snail mail a diskette containing your data to:  Brian Kenny, Box 61203, 
Phoenix, AZ 85082-1203.   For additional information, E-mail:

The 1996 Pecos Conference was a great success with over 500 registered 
participants.  The SWA P.I.'s (Principal Instigators) enjoyed a great BBQ 
dinner at Pecos. As we watched the archaeologists kick up the dust on the 
dance ballcourt, I commented that I loved to watch our colorful tribal 
rituals!  Matthias wondered if it might be a mating ritual (LOL).  However, 
it was my lovely spouse, Myongja, who was quick with the best response.  She 
said (Quote):  " The only problem with Pecos Conference is....Too many 
Doctors and not enough Indians ! "      
Brian Kenny