Message #261:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Archaeology Forum
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 96 13:17:00 MST
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[ J Scott Wood forwarded this message from  "CW Host 1"  announcing another 
place for Arch - AOL - ogy on the world-wide web.  Since SWA does not use 
AOL services, we have no idea how well this new forum serves the 
archaeological community.  Archaeologists tend to designate themselves 
'professional' or 'avocational.'  The word 'amateur' has been discarded. 
SWA has no idea what the AOL forum host means by the term 'enthusiast.' with all web sites covering archaeology, professional and 
avocational archaeologists should pay close attention to and report any 
mis-use or compromise of sensitive data by site vandals, 'pothunters' and 
new-age religious charlatans.  --  SASIG Ed.]

Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 03:26:22 -0400 Subject: 
Fwd: New Archaeology Forum on AOL!  
From:    CW HOST 1  

Hello fellow Archaeologists & Enthusiasts!  I wanted you all to know that AOL has 
just created a whole new forum dedicated soley to ARCHAEOLOGY! It is called 
the Archaeology Forum (KEYWORD: Archaeology). There you will find message 
boards on all sorts of archaeological subject matter for you to post in, 
software archives for you to up-load and download things in, and tons of web 
links to the coolest archaeological web sites on the internet!  Hopefully 
soon, we will also have a chat room in the forum too where we will hold 
trivia contests for free online time and also hold various talks on all 
things great and small!  I am a professional archaeologist as well, and I 
realized that there was no real good place for all of us to go and post our 
thoughts on various topics, theories, ect., or just a place to gripe or 
praise a particular project you happen to be working on! Also, a place to 
hear from other arkies online and see what they are up to. So I got ahold of 
AOL and they said they would give it a try to see how it flies, so here it 
is! So check it out and tell all your archy friends and cohorts. If you have 
any ideas or suggestions on how to make the forum even better, please feel 
free to e-mail me, CW HOST 1.  I will be happy to take your suggestions and 
give them a try if they are feasable! To keep this forum alive, we have to 
use it regularly, so go in there and show your support by posting, 
uploading, downloading and linking! I sure hope you enjoy it!   Your 
servant, -Michael CW HOST 1.