Message #260:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Sabino Canyon Ruin Public Tours, Fall 1996 Schedule
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 96 08:44:00 MST
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[From AAC Newletter Vol 20 No 3, July 1996]

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center (OPAC) in Tucson AZ will again offer 
family-oriented public tours of the Sabino Canyon Ruin excavations at 10 am 
on Saturdays October 5, November 2, December 7, 1996; and, January 18, and 
February 1, 1997.  Sabino Canyon Ruin is a Hohokan Indian village site of 
the A.D. 1100 - 1350 era.  The excavations have uncovered adobe house 
compounds, pithouses, ancient canals, a dog burial, and thousands of 
ceramic, stone, bone, and seashell artifacts.  Register for a tour by 
calling (520) 798-1201.  A modest fee is required.

The public may participate in the OPAC excavations via the "Sabino Canyon 
Ruin Archaeological Field School."  OPAC also offers an "Archaeology in the 
Schools Program" on weekends and weekdays by special arrangement.  These 
programs  are one- to three-day archaeological excavation and laboratory 
workshops.  A two-day workshop designed for teachers has been approved for 
salary increase credit under the course title "Archaeology in the Schools, 
Level 1."  For more workshop information, contact Allen Dart at (520)