Message #257:
Subject: 1997 NCPTT Historic Preservation Grants Program
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 96 16:05:00 MST
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Pending FY 1997 funding, NCPTT again will offer Preservation Technology and 
Training Grants to the preservation and conservation community towards 
advancing the art, science and craft of historic preservation.  Proposals 
will be considered for work in historic architecture, archeology, materials 
conservation, historic landscapes and history.  Research, training and 
information management programs will be considered.PTT Grants will be 
awarded competitively from proposals submitted to NCPTT.

The postmark deadline for submitting proposals for the 1997 PTT Grants 
Program is December 20, 1996.

The complete 1997 PTT Grants announcement -- including the request for 
proposals and instructions on how to prepare and submit applications -- will 
be available mid-October exclusively via NCPTT's fax-on-demand computer, 
NCPTT's Internet Gopher and NCPTT's World Wide Web Site.

Via FAX, telephone NCPTT's fax-on-demand computer, (318) 357-3214.  Follow 
the recorded instructions to receive a 1997 PTT Grants announcement by 
return FAX.

Via Gopher, the address is:  .  The 1997 NCPTT Grants 
announcement is posted in the area titled: " About the 
Center.../Announcements/1997 Preservation Technology and Training Grants ".

Via the World Wide Web, the address is:

To obtain a summary of past grant awards ( "Notes from the Center, Summer 
Supplement 1996" ) Contact Mary Carroll, Information Management Specialist, 

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
NSU Box 5682, Natchitoches, LA 71497
(318) 357-6464 / FAX (318) 357-6421
Gopher:   gopher://
Fax-on-demand: (318) 357-3214