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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Preservation Grants / New Mexico HPD's Request for Proposals (RFP)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 96 13:05:00 MST
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From: Daniel E. Reiley
Date: Thursday, April 18, 1996 1:27PM

To:  Historic Preservation Contractors
Fm:  New Mexico Historic Preservation Division
Dt:  March 27, 1996
Re:  Grants/contracts monies available for historic preservation projects

1996 Request for Proposals for Federal Historic Preservation Fund Grants 
from the New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division

Because of uncertainties about both the federal and state budgets for the 
State Historic Preservation Division (HPD), we have delayed issuing our 
Request for Proposals (RFP) for "SHPO Grants" this year.  Even though there 
is still no signed Department of the Interior budget for FY96, we have, as a 
result of continuing resoultions in Congress, been authorized by the 
National Park Service to draw down some FY96 money from the Historic 
Preservation Fund.  Therefore, we have decided to issue two RFPs at this 
time -- one for subgrants to Certified Local Governments and one for a small 
number of other contracts.  When the final Interior Department budget is 
approved, we may issue an additional RFP, depending on the timing of that 
approval and on the final budget figures.  Local governments interested in 
qualifying for additional historic preservation funds by becoming a 
Certified Local Government should contact HPD for additional information 
about this program.

To save postage, paper, and xeroxing costs, we are not sending complete RFPs 
for other subgrants to all preservation consultants and organizations on our 
mailing list as we have in the past.  Instead, we are posting this 
announcement, describing the projects to be covered in the RFP, and 
requesting that interested individuals and organizations reply to this 
announcement if they wish to receive an RFP.  We will begin mailing RFPs on 
March 15; they will be due to HPD on May 15.  If you are interested in any 
of the described projects, please reply as quickly as possible.  Thirty 
percent match will be required for all projects except the Small Grants.

Brief description of projects on the 1996 Request for Proposals from the New 
Mexico State Historic Preservation Division

**Small grants (maximum $1000) to Historical Societies, Archaeological 
Societies, Preservation Organizations, and Local Governments (other than 
CLGs) for preservation-related activities.

These grants are intended to promote preservation activities at the local 
level.  Examples:  Development of preservation plans; public awareness 
events to promote historic preservation; preparation of nominations to the 
State Register of Cultural Properties and National Register of Historic 
Places; surveys to identify historic and prehistoric sites; recording and/or 
monitoring of endangered archaeological sites.

**Development of a historic context for mining in New Mexico

HPD is looking for a contractor to research and write a historic context for 
mining in New Mexico.  This project will provide a historic context for 
decisions about the eligibility of mines and mining-related features and for 
assessing effects of reclamation and other activities.  This context will 
cover "hardrock" mining only, not coal, oil and gas, uranium or aggregates. 
$10,000 is available from HPD; $5,000 more from the state Mining and 
Minerals Division.

**Statewide Historic Preservation Conference

In cooperation with HPD staff, the contractor would design, organize, 
advertise, and make on-site arrangements for a statewide Historic 
Preservation Conference in early 1997.  Previous experiece in organizing 
similar programs a must; knowledge of historic preservation a plus.  HPD 
share of the costs: $10,000.

**Review of state laws and regulations affecting the preservation of 
cultural properties

Contractor will review state laws and regulations affecting the preservation 
of cultural properties; identify conflicts, ambiguities, and needed changes 
to existing laws; and suggest future legislative initiatives.  Final product 
will be a prioritized plan for improving legal protection for cultural 
properties in New Mexico.  Requires both legal training and expertise and 
historic preservation experience. HPD share of the costs: $10,000.

**Getting out the Word on Preservation

HPD is looking for a grantee who will design and implement a project to 
increase public awareness of and support for preservation of New Mexico's 
historic and prehistoric resources.  Proposal can be for regional or 
statewide project; if regional, the concept should be transferrable to other 
regions of the state.   Creativity and originality of the proposed project 
will count heavily in our review of the final      proposals. HPD share of 
costs: $5000

**Historic Preservation Traveling Exhibit

HPD is looking for a team for this project:  a historic preservation 
professional to work with HPD staff on the concept, message, and design for 
a traveling exhibit about historic preservation, and individuals with the 
graphic arts and exhibit construction skills needed to produce a final, 
finished, high-quality exhibit.  HPD share: $25,000.
If you are interested in receiving the complete RFP for any of the listed 
grant projects, please reply to Jesse M. Bopp  as 
soon as possible.  Please include your snail-mail address and indicate in 
which of the following projects you are interested:

*Small Grants
*Mining Context
*Preservation Conference
*Review of Laws and Regulations
*Getting out the Word
*Traveling Exhibit
Thank you for your prompt reply,

Jesse M. Bopp
Preservation Planner
NM Historic Preservation Division
228 East Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Voice: (505) 827-6320
Fax:   (505) 827-6338