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To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Symposium: Volcanic Eruptions and Archaeology
Date: Fri Apr 12 16:35:41 1996
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From: Matthias Giessler

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IAVCEI General Assembly, Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico, 1997 January 19-24, 1997

Special Symposium: "Volcanic eruptions and archaeology"

This special symposium will be one out of several symposia to be held
during the IAVCEI General Assembly in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It
will focus on the effects that past volcanic eruptions had on 
prehistoric and historic societies and will be geared towards the 
mitigation of volcanic risk by a better understanding of the past.

Although Mexico is a country with plenty of both, archaeological 
sites as well as volcanoes, very few interdisciplinary studies have 
been carried out in order to elucidate the impact of past eruptions 
on Prehistoric human activity.

One of the aims of the proposed symposium is to create a forum which
brings together archaeologists as well as volcanologists.
The planned symposium will be an effective way to promote 
interdisciplinary studies and contribute to close existing gaps in 
our knowledge of volcanic eruptions and their impact on past societies, 
and how societies coped with volcanically - induced stresses.

Recent experiences at Popocatpetl volcano have shown that these 
types of studies might be very valuable in understanding future 
eruptions and their possible impact.


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