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Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 14:51:49 -0701 (MST)
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The following items appear in the April, 1996 AAS newsletter "The Petroglyph"

A volunteer is needed as publicist to sell the AAS publication 'The
A volunteer is needed to put AAS archival information into a written history

Cochise Chapter Call for Volunteers  April 14, 28, and May 1, 1996.  Ratliff
Phase I Survey
Desert Foothills Chapter Meeting April 10, 1996 ("Prehistoric Tools &
Engineering" Talk by Ben Mixon)
Phoenix Chapter Meeting April 11, 1996 ("Prescott Forts" Talk by Don Simonis)
Yavapai Chapter Meeting April 18, 1996  ("Brigham City" Talk by Al Ferg)
Casa Malpais Chapter Meeting April 19, 1996 ("Brigham City" Talk by Al Ferg)
AZ Site Stewards Annual Conference April 20-21, Sierra Vista, plus site
visits to the Garden AAS
Verde Valley Chapter Meeting April 25, 1996 ("Alameda Brownware" Talk by
Angela Crossley)
State Meeting, Saturday April 27, 1996, Mt Cross Lutheran Church Log
Building, Payson, AZ
Cochise Chapter annual picnic May 4, 1996 at the Garden Canyon Site Canyon
site, Ratliff Ranch, the Lehner Clovis Kill Site, and Presidio Terranate
Santa Cruz Valley Chapter May 5, 1996 Tubac Picnic
Phoenix Chapter Meeting May 9, 1996 ("Between the Desert and the Sea" Talk
by Adrianne Rankin)
Yavapai Chapter Meeting May 16, 1996 ("Rock Art of Petroglyph National
Monument" Talk by Todd Bostwick)
Verde Valley Chapter May 23, 1996 ("Coordination of MNA Summer field School"
by David Wilcox)
Cochise Chapter Garden Canyon (two week) field school begins June 3, 1996
Q Ranch Field School, June 9-22, 1996

Arizona Archaeological Society
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Phoenix AZ  85068

Petroglyph Editors:

Linda Trujillo 
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Vicki Erhart
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