Message #101:
From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:   "'Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: SWA E-Mail - A Reminder How This Service Functions
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 96 10:21:00 MST
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Dear SWA List Member -
Please allow me to explain the work SWA has undertaken.  SWA puts out the 
mail to the list members as a 'service.'  SWA cannot predict what 
information will come in, nor does it censor information others wish to 
contribute.  SWA exerts some minor editorial and formatting control, and 
moderates messages to exclude vandals, looters and racists.  When a message 
is received,  little time is spent analyzing content.  Four keys are pushed 
and the message goes to all  200 + members of the list; the e-mail server 
software automatically (and alphabetically) divides up the list of 
recipients into clusters of about 15 persons to prevent excessively long 
e-mail headers.  Since January 1, 1996, SWA has sent approximately 100 
messages; that is about 1 per day, though, messages often are sent in 
clusters of 2 or 3, with some days seeing no mail sent.  The subjects served 
on the web page and the e-mail server are diverse and cross into many other 
disciplines including education, the arts, sciences, politics, 'Indian 
news,' etc.  Some of it is trivia.

From the outset, SWA encourages everyone to use liberally their delete 
buttons; not all messages will be of relevance to each person on the list. 
Those who desire SWA information without  e-mail are encouraged to drop off 
the list and visit at their convenience the archive located at  Many have e-mail accounts but 
no access to the Internet or the SWA archive (e.g., some government and 
university workers); these persons appreciate the e-mail service, though 
they too are sometimes ovewhelmed by e-mail including the messages SWA might 

People may freely join the SWA e-mail list or drop from it as their needs 
dictate.  The list is open to professional and avocational archaeologists, 
any anyone who might have an interest in knowing more about southwestern 
archaeology, anthropology, history, or the attendant politics of these 
disciplines.  SWA wishes to serve your interests.  To help, perhaps you have 
news and information you could share with the other list members via SWA.  I 
think they would appreciate such information.  As always, if SWA e-mail 
becomes problematic for you, let me know if you need to take another path. 

Brian Kenny

PS -  The goals of SWA were previously stated at

The Southwestern Archaeology (SWA) Internet site resides at  The Southwestern Archaeology Special 
Interest Group (SASIG), a bulletin board, serves current events data at  SWA and the SASIG provide 
an open forum for the dissemination of anthropological, archaeological and 
historical knowledge related to the      American Southwest.  Here are the 
goals of SWA and the SASIG for 1996:
  • Encourage electronic communication and the timely exchange of information among professional and avocational Southwestern archaeologists and the public
  • Provide a free forum for the publication of organizational newsletters, appropriate research data, symposia proceedings, current events activities, and cultural resource management administrivia
  • Allow greater public access to Southwestern anthropological, archaeological and historical information in order to: broaden intellectual development and scientific reasoning; encourage social interaction; foster cultural understanding; and, promote appropriate hands-on activities with high entertainment value
  • Promote anthropological thinking and the use of archaeological and historical methodologies to critically examine current environmental, social and cultural issues and encourage their just and appropriate resolution
  • Foil archaeological vandalism and illegal antiquities trading by cooperative law enforcement action, and through direct legislative, judicial and historic preservation activism
Disclaimers: SWA and the SASIG are copyrighted by Brian Kenny and Matthias Giessler. These service-oriented Internet sites are non-commercial and not-for-profit. Active public participation is valued and encouraged ( for more information see ). SWA and the SASIG run through computer servers housed at Arizona State University. Some SWA and SASIG data are mirrored on AzTeC, the community-based free net located in Arizona. SWA and the SASIG are experimental web services. The information contained within their pages serves only as a convenient public service information source and guide for anthropological activities in the American Southwest. The creators of SWA site have made every effort to include information as accurately as possible. They shall not be liable for any accident, injury, irregularity, loss or damage caused by or arising as a result of information contained within the pages of SWA or the SASIG. Demonstrating regional leadership in transportation systems, advanced planning, information management, and public service, the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has generously granted permission for limited use of their computer servers to re-transmit to the public via E-mail, SASIG and other current events information as described above. Otherwise, the Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is not affiliated with SWA, the SASIG, or the AzTeC free net. Sincerely, Brian Kenny / Matthias Giessler