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From: AzTeC SW Archaeology SIG
To:  "'z Matthias Giessler'" 
Subject: Internet and the Current State of Historic Preservation in Arizona
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 95 12:16:00 MST
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Brian Kenny will speak to the Cochise Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological 
Society on January 18th, 1996, at 7:00 PM, in Sierra Vista Arizona.  The 
title of the presentation will be:  

"Internet and the Current State of Historic Preservation in Arizona"

Speaker's Biographical Information:
Brian Kenny is a life-long resident of Arizona.  He received his education 
from: St. Theresa's Parochial School, Phoenix Arizona; Brophy Jesuit College 
Preparatory, Phoenix Arizona; the Defense Language Institute, Monterey 
California; and, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona (undergraduate & 
graduate training in anthropology and archaeology).  He made his start in 
archaeology as a high school student attending meetings of the Arizona 
Archaeological Society.  As an undergraduate work study student at ASU in 
the early 1970s, Brian earned $1.25/hr as a lab technician.  He assisted 
numerous ASU archaeological projects, hand-washed millions of sherds and 
lithics, sharpened shovels, repaired sifters, created and maintained lab 
records, and performed basic artifact analyses.  After undergraduate studies 
at ASU, Brian served as an foreign language interpreter and translator for 
the US Air Force, and flew combat reconnaissance missions in Asia for 
intelligence services.  Brian has worked as a professional field 
archaeologist and anthropologist since returning from military service in 
1978.  His assignments have included: contract archaeology projects for 6 
firms in the Southwest (completing over 140 survey and excavation projects) 
[1978-1986]; Assistant Forest Archaeologist, Apache-Sitgreaves National 
Forests, Heber AZ [1986-1988]; and, Locatable Mineral Administrator, Natural 
Resources Manager, and Cultural Resources Compliance Officer for State Trust 
Lands (Arizona State Land Department), Arizona [1988-1993].  Since 1993, he 
has served as Senior Planner, Environmental Program Manager and 
Anthropologist for Maricopa County.  His responsibilities also include 
transportation planning.  In the last three years, Brian has written 
legislation with the Arizona Attorney General's Office, and has lobbied 
historic preservation issues at the State Legislature;  he is now serving a 
second three-year gubernatorial appointment to the Arizona Archaeological 
Advisory Commission.  A few months shy of 42 years, Brian resides in Mesa, 
Arizona with his spouse Hwang Myong Ja, and a lazy dog named "KC Chang."  He 
is a pilot (flying mostly old Cesna and Piper aircraft); grows an organic 
garden of exotic oriental vegetables; regularly hikes Southwestern 
wilderness trails; co-organizes an Internet home page and a 'current events' 
server for Southwestern Archaeology topics; and occasionally, provides 
contract services for resource, land management, and law enforcement 
agencies. Brian is an Eagle scout and still active in the scouting movement. 
 He also is involved with professional and civic organizations, including: 
 the American Anthropological Association, Society for American Archaeology, 
Society for Commercial Archaeology, Federal Preservation Forum, Preservation 
Forum of the National Trust, Arizona Archaeology Advisory Commission, 
Arizona Archaeological Society, Arizona Archaeological and Historical 
Society, Arizona Archaeological Council, Arizona Natural History 
Association, Mining History Association, Teocentli, Scottsdale Corral of 
Westerners International, Council on America's Military Past, Conservation 
Law Enforcement Association, City of Phoenix Pacific Rim Advisory Council, 
Arizona Asian American Association, and,  the Arizona Asian Chamber of