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American archaeologists call it "The Greater Southwest." The geographic boundaries have never been precisely delineated, but an 'old saw' suggests that the region runs from Durango Colorado to Durango Mexico, and from Las Vegas Nevada to Las Vegas New Mexico. The archaeologists of this region celebrate a diverse mix of people and their cultures, the in-situ preservation of sites and artifacts, and the greater scientific appreciation of these elements within their cultural, biological and spatial contexts.

Before you visit the local dig, check with SWA for the latest information about the archaeology of the Greater Southwest. Then, get out your "45-5" Marshalltown Trowel and sharpen it. There are many great layers of material culture and stratigraphy to uncover!

Need information about the prehistory or history of the Greater Southwest? Contact SWA to find out about: the material culture of the Cold War and the 1950's; present-day Native American cultures; Route 66 - the Mother Road; Territorial Period ranch and urban architecture; the material culture of the Mexican Revolution; lifeways of the Old West; mineral exploration; the inhabitants of western Chinatowns; irrigation and water control systems; railroads; the military conquest of the Southwest by American, Mexican, and Spanish forces; the construction of missions, and campaigns of religious conversion and geographical exploration by Franciscans and Jesuits; the Entrada and the Pueblo Revolt; Protohistoric and Prehistoric Native American archaeology; Paleo-Indians; the detailed technical methods of anthropological and archaeological work; the politics of preservation and the requisite transparency of consultation; the challenges of exploration and the weighty responsibilities of discovery; the business of satisfying the information needs of resource managers; the shaping and guiding of the experiential needs of diverse customers; and ultimately, the scientific, cultural and administrative principles by which archaeologists working in the Greater Southwest come to understand and explain their efforts. This website is about the daily advancement of science and public archaeology, and about all the American, Native American and Mexican archaeologists who diligently practice these crafts with their many partners and patrons.

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