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'Clovis comet' researchers have a new theory postulating a major comet impact in north America. According to their interpretations, the "black mat" of Clovis times contains particles that can only be explained by extraterrestrial origin. Now comes the hard part, and that is asking the kinds of questions needed to establish the validity of the new research and (if confirmed) explore its implications:

First, was there really an extraterrestrial impact that brought an end to Clovis culture and changed the earth's climate? As skeptics have said over the years about a wide variety of claims, "Important .... if true." Is the postulation of a Clovis-age comet impact true? Many archaeologists and other scientists have raised vigorous challenges to the comet impact idea, and these challenges are still emerging and being refined.

Secondly, if a comet impact did occur, what might this mean, for both our understanding of specific events at the close of the Pleistocene, and our general theories of climatic and cultural change? What are the implications for archaeology including Southwestern archaeology?

At the 2008 Pecos Conference, we hope to make progress toward finding answers to these questions. A panel of scientists who made this potentially remarkable discovery will present the results of their research on Friday night, followed by a panel discussion on Saturday morning. Pecos participants will be encouraged to ask questions of our panelists in both sessions. It should be a lively and, we hope, informative debate.

Clovis, Black Mats & Extra-Terrestrials
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Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling
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May 2007 Nature Magazine)

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Pre-Clovis Coprolite Articles

Finding Pre-Clovis Humans in the Oregon High Desert
(Archaeology Channel interview video with Dennis Jenkins - DNA in coprolites dated between 14,000 and 15,000 calibrated years ago)

Pecos Conference Articles

Pecos Conference
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First Pecos Site Tour
(Hal Rager's Blivet Blog, 2007)

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(Mendez 2006)

New York Times Pecos Article
(Lichtenstein 2005)

Sixty Years of Southwestern Archaeology: A History of the Pecos Conference
(Woodbury 1993; see also: Downum 1996)

Journal Articles (Flagstaff & Southern Clolorado Plateau Area)

Property, Identity And Macroeconomy In The Prehispanic Southwest
(Bayman & Sullivan 2008) 1.64 MB

The Use Of ‘‘Soft’’ X-Ray Radiography In Determining Hidden Construction Characteristics In Fiber Sandals
(Yoder 2008) 956 KB File Size

Hunter-Gatherer Use Of Small Animal Food Resources: Coprolite Evidence
(Reinhard et al. 2007) 152 KB File Size

Prehistoric Anasazi Ceramics Studied By Micro-Raman Spectroscopy
(Striova et. al. 2006) 209 KB File Size

An Exploration Of Navajo-Anasazi Relationships
(Warburton & Begay 2005) 218 KB File Size

The Creation Of Person, The Creation Of Place: Hunting Landsapes In The American Southwest
(Potter 2004) 3.9 MB File Size

Setting Theoretical Egos Aside: Issues And Theory In North American Archaeology
(Hegmon 2003) 6.0 MB File Size

John Wesley Powell And The Mapping Of The Colorado Plateau, 1869-1879: Survey Science, Geographical Solutions, And The Economy Of Environmental Values
(Kirsch 2002) 2.5 MB File Size

Economic And Land-Use Implications Of Prehistoric Fire-Cracked-Rock Piles, Northern Arizona
(Sullivan et al. 2001) 1.3 MB File Size

"We Have Almost Forgotten How To Hope": The Hualapai, The Navajo, And the Fight For The Central Arizona Project 1944-1968
(Pearson 2000) 592 KB File Size

Room Size, Organization Of Construction, And Archaeological Interpretation In The Puebloan Southwest
(Cameron 1999) 393 KB File Size

The Navajos In The American Historical Imagination, I868-I900
(Lyon 1998) 743 KB File Size

Archaeological Cultures And Cultural Affiliation: Hopi And Zuni Perspectives In The American Southwest
(Dongoske et al. 1997) 1.5 MB File Size

Selling The Meaning Of Place: Entrepreneurship, Tourism, And Community Transformation In The Twentieth-Century American West
(Rothman 1996) 1.0 MB File Size

Culture As Nature: How Native American Cultural Antiquities Became Part Of The Natural World
(Bouse 1996) 726 KB File Size

The Emergence Of The Hopi People
(Vecsey 1983) 456 KB File Size

Life Is Harder Here: The Case Of The Urban Navajo Woman
(Griffen 1982) 288 KB File Size

Escaping The Confines Of Normative Thought: A Reevaluation of Puebloan Prehistory
(Cordell & Plog 1979) 3.8 MB File Size

Household Size Of Prehistoric Western Pueblo Indians
(Turner & Lofgren 1966) 968 KB File Size

A Painted Kiva Near Winslow, Arizona
(Pond 1966) 2.2 MB File Size

A Revision Of The Date Of The Eruption Of Sunset Crater
(Colton 1945) 1.0 MB File Size

Burial Of An Early American Magician
(McGregor 1943) 5.5 MB File Size

The Reducing Atmosphere And Oxidizing Atmosphere In Prehistoric Southwestern Ceramics
(Colton 1939) 777 KB File Size

Petroglyphs, The Record Of A Great Adventure
(Russell & Colton 1931) 775 KB File Size

Pueblo Ruins Near Flagstaff, Arizona: A Preliminary Notice
(Fewkes 1900) 3.1 MB File Size

E-Books (Historic Arizona & Southwest)

Southwest Electronic Text Center

Mormon Settlement In Arizona: A Record Of Peaceful Conquest Of The Desert
(McClintock 1921)

History of Arizona, VII
(Farish 1918)

The Grand Canyon Of Arizona: How To See It
(James 1912)

Vanished Arizona
(Summerhayes 1908)

Is Mars Habitable? A Critical Examination Of Professor Percival Lowell's Book "Mars And Its Canals," With An Alternative Explanation
(Wallace 1907)

Archeological Field Work In Northeastern Arizona. The Museum-Gates Expedition Of 1901
(Hough, 1903)

Archeological Expedition To Arizona In 1895. Seventeenth Annual Report Of The Bureau Of American Ethnology To The Secretary Of The Smithsonian Institution, 1895-1896
(Fewkes 1898)

Aboriginal Remains In Verde Valley, Arizona. Thirteenth Annual Report Of The Bureau of Ethnology To The Secretary Of The Smithsonian Institution, 1891-1892
(Mindeleff 1896)

A Study of Pueblo Architecture: Tusayan and Cibola. Eighth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1886-1887
(Mindeleff and Mindeleff 1891)

On The Border With Crook
(Bourke 1891)

Memoir Of The Proposed Territory Of Arizona
(Mowry 1857)

History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a Preliminary View of Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortes
(Prescott 1843)

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