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2008 Pecos Conference Gear

Available for purchase, we offer a grand selection of exotic Pecos Conference trade goods! No parrots or copper bells here. No Tusayan Black-on-white. No cotton mantas, no shell tinklers, no corn and salt, and no
turquoise or obsidian... Not a turkey in the collection. Just well-made stuff to wear, and a ceramic mug from which to drink your favorite beverages. Think of our selection of symbolic ritual goods as the yearly offerings of a highly-energized Cargo Cult in full-tilt celebration... but on the Colorado Plateau... !

Coffee Mug ($6.00 ea)

Bandanas in Yellow Gold Orange & White Colors ($5.00 ea)

Ballcap with Conference Logo ($12.00 ea)

T-Shirts with Color Options ($16.00 - $22.00, plus $2.00 for XXL size)

Note (Long Sleeve T-Shirt Color Change) - We have had to change the colors of the following t-shirts: (A) Long Sleeve, No Pocket t-shirt: Original color was stonewashed green, but due to the long sleeve style being discontinued by the manufactuer Hanes, the new color will be Prairie Dust which is offered by Gildan.; (B) Long Sleeve, With Pocket t-shirt: The manufacturer no longer offers the long sleeve, with pocket in Prairie Dust, the new color will be a Soft Gray. We apologize for the changes that are beyond our control. -- Pecos Planning Committee, July 25, 2008.

PS -- Don't Forget! Buy Extra Beer Tickets As A Type of Gear! (3 for $5.00)