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Pecos Conference Film Festival

5:00 to 7:00 pm: Film Festival (note: coffee & snack shop open next to fesival auditorium) - Showing 2 half-hour long films about the Hopi, followed by an MNA expedition film. Film Festival program immediately followed by "Comet Explosion" program. Location: Cline Library Auditorium, Northern Arizona University

Cline Library Assembly Hall Calendar & Library Location

Local Flagstaff Television Station To Show Archaeology Film

Because the Pecos Conference will convene in Flagstaff (August 7-10), FLAGNEWS will lend publicity for the event by running a southwestern archeology special broadcast of a locally produced documentary, Echo Productions: 1995 A Game With The Gods - Ancient Ballcourts of the Southwest:

" ... Ballcourts and human sacrifice have been documented in Mexico for hundreds of years. But what about ball games in Arizona where more than 200 courts have been identified and dated to over 1,000 years old? Archaeologist Dr. David Wilcox from the Museum of Northern Arizona explores (on-location) some of the best ballcourts and archaeological sites throughout the Southwest. In this program Dr. Wilcox shares bold theories on the possible religious and economic functions of the courts. Visit sites including Casa Grande, Wupatki, and the extraordinary ruins of Chaco Canyon... "

Be sure to check the FLAGNEWS program schedule beginning August 1st.