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Pecos Main Conference Site & Campsite
Location (Snowbowl Road / NF 516, North of US Hwy 180): Map main conference site location with GoogleEarth free download ( 35dg 17' 07.60" N / 111 dg 43' 25.11" W / 2270 M elevation) or, map location using browser-based GoogleMaps "Get Directions" (paste 35.285547,-111.723554 in the "End Address" block and look for meadow immediately west of the mapped point)

We got the O.K. from Diane Jacobs (Administrative Officer, US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station - Flagstaff) to camp on the edge of the Experimental Forest along the fence line that separates the Experimental Forest from the meadow and the Hot Shot Ranch. That would be on the east side of the meadow, on the west edge of the Experimental Forest in T22N, R6E, Sec. 23, NE 1/4. We will access that area by way of FR516, so campers would come up Snowbowl Road, continue on FR 516, turn left to access the upper meadow at the ranch, and park all the camper vehicles on the Hot Shot Ranch side of the fence, not in the Experimental Forest. To provide access, the conference site set-up crew will cut and roll back the fence in two places (so people can park their cars and carry their camping gear through the fence to set up), and then, repair the fence and clean up at the conclusion of the conference.

Pecos Conference Camping Rules

Due to the 100th anniversary celebration of the Fort Valley Experiment Station, we will not be able to camp where we did in 1996 and 2001. Where we will be is in two areas: (1) RVS and other car-campers down the main road to the left off of Snowbowl Road; and (2) car-campers at the turn off Snowbowl Road go straight and then follow signs around to the left, coming back in north of the main tent site on the east side of a large meadow on either side of the road. About 20-20 meters east of the access road is a fence with experimental forest on the other side under a forest canopy. We hope to have permission for campers to use the latter area as well. Port-a-potties will be stationed close to both camping areas, and water buffalos. The best view of the Peaks is in the northern camping area.


There will be trash cans and a "Bleeker box" for both trash and recyclables. The latter will be at the meadow end of the main access road to the Pecos site. Because we do not want traffic going back and forth past the main tent, we will be blocking the road in two places, so you will need to walk (it is not far) or (less desirable) drive around from the north camping area. The gates will be open at noon on Thursday, August 7, and we expect to have volunteers at the principal junction where you turn off Snowbowl road with a handout that has our rules and a map to help clarify the above description.


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