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Help Network the 2008 Pecos Conferece

We are looking for someone with a mobile home with satellite internet connection to contact us. We want them to park near the conference site and create a wireless hotspot so conference attendees can sit outside the link and connect via wireless router.

Do you know a volunteer to provide such service? Please let us know.

Thanks !

Blogging Tools

Wirelessly download digital pictures with Eye-Fi
from your camera to a PC or to the Internet)

Set up Twitter a free cell phone micro-blog service
(Examples: archaeology by Kris Hirst, or, Brandon Gabler or dogyears by Brian Kenny)

Use Blogger, a free blog tool offered by Google

Try Blog Search by Google (Keyword: archaeology)

Google Sites serves up simple tools to create and post personal websites, but with an emphasis on crafting collaborative pages with friends

Pecos Conference Blogging

If you are unable to attend the 2008 Pecos Conference, you can follow the action on your browser. Just visit Brandon Gabler's twitter blog or the Dogyears twitter blog to read our conference " tweets " posted throughout the conference.

You can also sign-up with the free Twitter service to automatically receive Pecos Conference 'tweet' messages via your IM client or on-the-go via your cell phone SMS text-messaging service. Each Pecos Conference " tweet " message will be less than 140 characters in length, with multiple messages posted during many of our conference presentations using a blackberry device with cell phone short-message-signal text messaging technology (SMS).

At this year's Pecos Conference, the organizing committee hopes to recruit additional conference participants to blog and make conference videos featuring the work of the conference presenters and of the conference special workshops and seminars.

We hope to do this "safely" by having videographers & bloggers sign up to receive recommended standards of operation and conduct from the committee, and by asking conference presenters to "agree" to be interviewed when they submit their talk or poster titles and abstracts for consideration. "Safely" also means critical self-circumspection to assure sensitive archaeological site location information and other data are removed from presentations or not included as part of these blogs, interviews & videos.

We hope to secure permission from involved participants so as not to diminish or harm anyone's intellectual property rights (to existing works, or with regard to future works which arise from this effort).

Some conference blogging efforts may be in real time (if we have connectivity at the conference site). We still have to work on the connectivity concept a bit more since the conference is mostly out-of-doors on the lower slopes of the San Francisco Peaks.

We hope student archaeologists will blog and shoot video to gather data, and to get the experience for their resumes

If you have useful technological or method standards, links or other ideas to suggest, we'd love to hear them !